A sweet trip around the world

Before you start reading this article I must warn you about one thing: in no time you will have your mouth watering. Just like that. Because those I'm about to tell you are some of the most famous (and delicious) cake shops in the world. Who is famous and appreciated already just for the fact that he's from Napoli, one another because instead of just "simple" cakes his creations are pure art, these chefs are bold dreamers who put in their final creations, all the love they are capable of. Here you are the top 5.



One of the most famous French pastry chef is called Pierre Hermé, in this business since he was 14 years old, with its 32 stores worldwide, is definitely a must if you go to Paris, because it's in the ville lumiere that his very first shop was born.

He makes one of the most rich and tasty chocolate cake with taggiasche olives, fantastic macaron that are displayed in the shop in scale of colors, delicious croissant, fondant with sweet chocolate and raspberries and much much more.

Let's move now in Spain, where we could virtually meet Enric Rovira, who was very lucky by having parents who already owned a pastry shop very well known in Barcelona, named "Rovira", but he wanted to leave his family shop and open one of its own, almost entirely dedicated to chocolate. Big fan of architecture, sculpture and great admirer of clean shapes and minimalism, its chocolate creations can make people speechless , enchanted by what he can created starting from a “simple” chocolate base. Absolutely to visit if you are in Barcelona. But beware: one of its famous Easter eggs could cost 50 euros.

We are now flying (virtually) and moving in my beautiful Italy, to discover one of the most famous chefs, known not only here but also worldwide. He's name  Salvatore De Riso, called "Sal", class 1966, that found in pastry his true vocation. And as Enric Rovira, he decided to open a pastry shop of his own in Minori, where he bakes delicious sweets and other treats always using high quality ingredients, raw materilals and local products, like the delicious lemons from Sorrento.

Its beautiful caprese cake with lemon, millefrolle pie and Limoncello colomba (a traditional Easter sweet) can make me dream about them all night long, as they are really delicious. I could go on and on talking about him, but the best way to learn about this great master pastry chef is to go and find him in its Minori shop, or in the other 6 spread across Italy and the world.

To tell you something about the next pastry chef (yes, it's a woman!) we have to move to London, where I live, to discover one of the most beautiful and delicious sweet boutique in the entire world. Her name is  Peggy Porschen, ex flight assistant, class 1976, born in Germany but moved to London to attend "Le Cordon Bleu" and specialize in French pastries. She is also known as "the pastry chef of the stars" because she has collaborated with some of the most important characters in the world of entertainment. She made the cakes for Stella McCartney and Kate Moss weddings, and another one for  Anthony Hopkins's 70th birthday. Just to tell you an example.

Her cakes are bites of poertry, I tried them personally and I felt in love with them. Frosted cookies, cakes with waterfalls of spectacular flowers that look real and much more await you if you go find her in her shop in Belgravia. Note for fans: since 2011 you can even take classes, so if you have some money to spend have a thought on them because they worth every penny!


We'll now end this virtual journey around our very own “sweet world” with a transoceanic flight to America, specifically in New Jersey to know another very famous pastry chef globally: Bartolo Valastro, better known as "Buddy". As you may have already guessed from the name, Buddy has Italian origins. His parents were the owners of the pastry shop where he now works together with his whole family.

Become famous in the world thanks to the reality "Cake Boss," that shows what happen inside his shop almost every day, is now a true media phenomenon, so much that it is quite difficult to find him in person in his shop in Hoboken, where instead you could find his sisters that works there almost everyday, behind the counter. There are very conflicting opinions about its sweets. Some say they are superlatives, others that are “too much” because they are made with a lot of sugar paste on them....

I can't judge at the moment, but fortunately I will update you soon on this point because in May I'll go to New York and I'll tell you which of the two opinions "I am with".

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