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Not long ago I wrote you about the full English breakfast, a typical dish that British love to have to start their day. But have you ever wondered what are other usual breakfasts around the World? Let's discover them together.


Very similar "pane condito” , a typical Italian dish from the southern regions, Spanish people love to eat this dish even very early in the morning: the “Catalana” bread, which consists of a slice of bread rubbed with one clove of garlic and a ripe tomato, and then all seasoned with olive oil and salt. Alternative to salty, the more normal coffee with croissants or chocolate.


In Poland they use to eat “kielbasa” as a breakfast, a dish made of scrambled eggs covered with homemade sausage usually accompanied by delicious potato pancakes.


In India you may find a lot of combinations to start your day in a very good way. Muffins, chapati bread, rice rolls and coconut rolls. There could also happen to come across numerous quality of a lot of different, but all absolutely delicious, pulses and maybe you could also give it a try to the famous pure bhaji, a fried bread served with garlic potatoes on side.


Here you can really indulge. Italy in fact offers an endless amount of delicious sweet and savory items. Starting from the classic croissant and cappuccino, biscuits and jam, and then continue with all kinds of pastries, cakes of all qualities, chocolate spread and warm bread. But also for savoury lovers, there are so many options you can find: croissant stuffed with various meats, different buns with different flavors depending on the region in which you eat them, the "sartascnidd", a sauce made of tomatoes and garlic preparing mostly in the south.


Chinese usually have a sort of “preamble to lunch”, than the normal breakfast we use to have everyday. In China rice obviously never fails and can be served either in porridge than "congee", a rice cream topped with various vegetables, meat or potatoes. The “baozi” or “bao” instead is a small sandwich seasoned with meat or vegetables and also typical in Chinese breakfast.


Menemen. Immagine da Immagine da

The typical Turkish breakfast is based on a lot of savory goodness: from cucumbers to eggs or tomatoes with peppers, you would definitely satisfy your taste. "Sucuk", a typical spiced and handmade sausage or the famous "menemen", a dish that is made with tomatoes, peppers sauteed in butter or olive oil and eggs.


In Iran the traditional breakfast is salty and very plentiful and sometimes is even prepared the night before. It consists of naan bread , butter, jam, whipped cream and fruit . But you can also easily find stewed lamb or turkey . More than a breakfast , a proper lunch .

If you want to find out some other typical breakfasts around the world, check this video out.


We are curious to know about what kind of breakfast is your favourite one, tell us yours in the comments below.


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