Curious food from the world: the “Raindrop Cake”

Have you ever tasted a raindrop? Now you can. The Raindrop Cake is a cake that has been almost on every cooking web sites across the world for a long time.

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It is a sweet jelly that is extremely light and refreshing, and it doesn't fill you up at all (and is also vegan and gluten-free).
Its structure is unique and his taste is super delicate. This "cake", is not the classic cake made with butter, flour and sugar but it is made only with water and agar agar, a natural thickener now widely used in place of animal gelatin.

The cake doesn't contain any calories and has a transparent color just like a huge drop of "rain". The consistency is quite gelatinous and wa sbrought to the American market by chef Darren Wong.

The "raindrop cake" is simply a Mizu Shingen Mochi, a sweet made from the water from the Japanese Alps, which is served enriched with additional ingredients such as kokumitsu (syrup of cane sugar) and Kinako (toasted soy bean flour) and it has to be consumed within 30 minutes before it melts completely.

This "cake" is absolutely not so simple to make because the ingredients need to be mixed in very precise doses. Here's how to make it



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