Dinner at Dracula's house, in a tree house or under a waterfall: A tour of the strangest dining locations in the world

This week my curiosity prompted me to find some of the most unusual restaurants in the world. For one reason or another, some of them attracted my attention, but I chose these for you, that in my opinion are the best I've found so far (and closer to my liking).

Leave me your comments below and tell me what is your favorite between them.

"Solo per 2" - Rieti 

Let's start with the most romantic restaurant in Italy. The "Solo per 2", in Rieti, offers the possibility to serve dinner only for two lucky guests (if you can afford it). The restaurant is one of the smallest in the world, the cuisine is strictly Italian, and if dinner isn't enough for you, you can still join one of the wonderful offers this restaurant has: maybe fireworks...or renting a luxurious Ferrari is just what you're looking for to spend a very special evening with your partner.

"Schwerelos" - Hamburg


In this extremely weird Hamburg restaurant meals are delivered ...flying! (Well...Almost).

You can sit at your table, ordering your favorite foods using a computer connected to the kitchen and once they received the order, the meal will be sended on rails, throughout the restaurant. After various adventures the dish will arrive at your table but don't imagine it'll arrive upside down! Dishes are deeply studied so that at the end of the ride you will still enjoy your meal at least...presentable.

Waterfall Restaurant - Philippines

This restaurant located in the Philippines is perhaps the only one in the world that lies at the bottom of Labassin falls. While you're enjoying your favourite dish on beautiful tables made with bamboo and banana leaves, you will have, at the same time, your feet soaked and refreshed by the water, present throughout the restaurant.

The Fangweng Restaurant is located in the Chinese District of Yiling in China and is famous for its unusual and very weird location. In fact, this restaurant always seems to fall from the wall of the mountain from one moment to another, giving the guests a feeling of "unsafety" while they're eating. The show, however, that you can enjoy from there is very suggestive, indeed you can admire the Yangtze River which flows into the most famous one, Yangtze's. Needless to say, a platform for the brave who want to go bungee jumping is just next to the restaurant. Better go before you eat though...

Fortezza Medicea - Volterra

Book a dinner in this stronghold of Volterra seems both daunting task because the waiting list is really long. In fact many people are drawn to this restaurant inside this beautifully kept fortress, where everyone from waiters to cooks, are real inmates who are still serving their sentence. From the moment you step inside the jail, any mobiles or metallic object you have will be taken away from you. You'll also dine strictly with plates, glasses and plastic cutlery. In the kitchen there are Joseph and Massimo, both sentenced 24 years for armed robbery, while the evening is gladdened by music played on piano by Bruno, sentenced to life jail. The positive note of this project is that all the money raised will go to local charity and detainees, once they are set at liberty, can have one real hope of being able to find a job to start their new life from zero.

Count Dracula Club - Bucharest

Gloomy atmosphere for this very popular restaurant in Bucharest (you enter by reservations only) that recalls the myth of Dracula. Men with long black capes at the entrance in fact will welcome you and bring you to your table where you can enjoy not "rare" but normal local specialities. Trivia: the restaurant is located on the ashes of the House that was really owned by the count Vlad III.

Leandro Tower (or "Tower of the girl") - Turkey

This small restaurant is located on a small island at the southern entrance of the Bosporus, 200 m off the Asian coast at Üsküdar, in Istanbul, Turkey. A legend tells that it was built by the father of a girl (hence the name) to keep safe the maiden from a curse of a witch, who had predicted that on her 18th birthday she would have been bitten by a snake and then die. The view of the city from this island is beautiful, and vice versa.

Cave Restaurant- Kenya

This unique restaurant is housed by some quarries in Kenya which are old around 180.000 years, and located on one of the most famous beach in Diani Beach. The menu offered by the restaurant is almost entirely vegetarian, with excellent vintage wines to drink during your dinner. Dreamy atmosphere for a truly romantic night out. Not to be missed if you are traveling around there.

Yellow Treehouse Restaurant - New Zealand

This restaurant was really to project for the architect who has been designing it, because it is suspended on a tree in New Zealand. Yes, you got it. In the North part of Auckland lies this unique restaurant that from 2008 is hosting wedding dinners, events or just regular customers going to have dinner. The restaurant is not so big and can accommodate up to 30 people. But it worth the trip, especially during the evening, because of its wonderful lights.