Fast food: pros or cons?

"Fast food" term refers to all those foods that can be enjoyed fast in every part of the world. Not only large chains of sandwiches and burgers are fast food, but there are also street vendors of street food trucks, considered a bit' of the "fast food" family.

The difference between these two types of cuisine is essentially the quality of the food offered and obviously, the method of preparation of the dishes. In the most famous big chains you can find sandwiches, chips, burgers and mostly fried foods high in calories, not to mention the super sugary and carbonated drinks, while in the street kiosks or food trucks, product quality, perhaps because it is not prepare for a big amount of people, rises considerably. Fast food have always been a much discussed topic, between those who defend and those who condemn them. In this regard, we can recall two movies/documentaries: "Super Size Me" and "Fast Food Nation".

The first tells about an experiment conducted by the filmmaker Morgan Spurlock, which wanted to highlights the poor eating habits of Americans, accustomed to eating fast food several times a day (every day of the week), conducting the experiment on himself: he gained 11 pounds in three months, eating 3 times a day at Mc Donalds, bringing attention to the problem of obesity as a real social problem, especially among children and adolescents. After the film's release, McDonald's has decided to withdraw from the market the "Super Size" menu, trying to offer healthier meals to its customers, denying that behind this decision there was any connection to the film. The second film tells how some meat industries producing meat for the American fast foods chains (and not only), do not comply with the necessary hygiene process during the production chain, and exploit their workforce illegally from people coming from the near Mexico.

Another peculiarity of fast food is to be able to offer a complete meal at a low price, it is difficult to spend more than ten dollars, to eat in one places like these. In the United States it was estimated that every McDonald's fast foods, is no more than 185 km far from each other, just to allow all residents to have a fast food always close, available and cheap. But there is obviously not only McDonald's in the list of world's best known fast food, in fact we can also mention: Domino's Pizza, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Burger King, Denny's, Wendy's, KFC and many others who challenge each other new products almost every month, to keep a client's business.

In addition to these fast food chains that we all know, we can also mention other types of fast foods that are highly appreciated nowadays, that offer healthier and nutritionally balanced foods: Pret a Manger, Pod, Leon, Wasabi and itsu are just some of these chains that offer fresh and healthy foods. Also takeaways sushi's shops are becoming increasingly popular: they offer sushi, nigiri and rolls freshly made every day, at a reasonable price, among them we can remember Itsu and Wasabi, two large chains in London who are currently in vogue. What's your opinion now: pros or cons fast foods?


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