Five of the most popular desserts in the world

We could talk for hours about what are the most famous sweets in the world, depending on everyone’s tastes. In this article I wanted to try to put together five of the most popular desserts loved by gourmets from all around the world (or almost).

REUTERS/Herwig Prammer
REUTERS/Herwig Prammer



Tiramisu is perhaps one of the most famous Italian desserts in the world. It is pretty easy to make and does not require great culinary skills: with a few ingredients you can get a really good result that will please everyone. The base is made with ladyfinger biscuits, although it is now common to use other types of biscuits, which are soaked in coffee and then arranged in layers in a baking pan covered with a mascarpone cream and eggs and a sprinkling of cocoa powder. You should try it if you haven’t already done.

Sacher cake

This delicious cake was born in Austria, and it is said that it was invented by a young pastry chef in Vienna, Franz Sacher, in 1832. The cake is made from a base of chocolate divided into two layers, stuffed with apricot jam. The cake is then covered by a layer of chocolate icing on which a name is then written, which characterizes it. Nowadays, there are still two contenders which claim to make the original Sachertorte: Demel pastry and the Hotel Sacher in Philarmonikerstrasse.


This dessert is perhaps among the most popular in France and beyond. Seemingly very easy to make, in fact it requires a lot of patience and a lot of technique. Mainly composed of meringue (prepared with Italian or French method), almond flour and sugar, these biscuits can be stuffed with any filling, cream or jam. Macaroons were created in the early twentieth century by Pierre Desfontaines of the French patisserie Ladurée, and are now famous all over the world with stores in almost every country.


Cheesecake, which literally means “cake made of cheese”, is a typical American dessert.

It is made by crumbling biscuits and butter to make the cake base which is then covered with a cream cheese filling made with eggs and sugar. Even for this cake there are multiple versions, given that lends itself to many combinations. You may also prepare it by baking the cake or not: in that case the eggs in the dough should not be used.


This dessert is made of many layers of filo dough that are buttered and sprinkled with walnuts or pistachios, but there are different versions depending on the region in which it is prepared. According to the Orthodox religion, it is said that the layers of dough should be like the thirty-three years of Christ. The layers are then put into a baking pan and baked in the oven, and when ready are sprinkled with  sugar water and lemon juice or honey and spices with rose water. The cake is then served cut into triangles or rectangles.


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