Food museums around the world

Food has always been subject of attention from everyone, both as a simple way to feed us and as a useful ally to maintain good health. Perhaps not everyone knows that food has become the protagonist of several museums around the world. Today I'll let you discover some of the most curious food museum ever.

Starting from Italy, which is home to several museums of food. For example, in Sulmona, you can find the museum of sugared almonds (known in Italy as "confetti"), which are produced in this city since 1783. Cannot then certainly miss the tomato museum, located in Collecchio, near Parma, which traces the history of how the tomato came from America, how it spread the rest of the world and how it is treated, product and advertised.

Let's move a bit and let's go to Trapany, in Sicily, a very beautiful and traditional city where you can visit the salt museum. Then let's get further to the north of Italy to visit the Grappa museum in Bassano del Grappa. Or, the eel museum in Ferrara or the museum of ham and salami in Langhirano and many others.

In the world there are not only "conventional" museum, linked to traditions and products themselves, but there are also a few museums devoted to food, which are really strange and very unusual: for example, if you go to Virginia, in the United States, you cannot miss the museum of the burnt food, or the museum of French fries in Saaihalle, Bruges. How could they not dedicate a museum to the most famous tuber in the world? In Idaho, U.S. there is an entire museum dedicated to the history, the tools to work them, the marketing and the many ways to cook it, although in the world are French fries to lord. The tour's including a potatoes tasting cooked in various ways.

With chips you know, it would be better to have also a very good hot dog, and even for this food not properly greet a museum exists, the Currywurst Museum where everything inside the building there is a form of sausages, from lamps to sofas. The Guinness has its own museum for people arriving from all over the world, throughout the year: in the entrance fee, is included a pint of beer you can consume in the prestigious Gravity Bar, which offers a view of the city to 360 degrees.

In the city of Yokohama, Japan, there is CupNoodles Museum which covers a surface of over 10,000 square meters. The museum traces the history of ramen and their different packages and laboratories to make your own ramen cup from scratch, depending on your personal taste.

If you are rather fond of sweets, you should not miss a trip to France at the headquarters of the Haribo company famous worldwide for its candies and liquorice wheels.

 Have you ever been to one of these museums? Which of these would you give it a try?



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