Loco moco and other Hawaiian breakfast food

Let's move on with another virtual tour around the world to discover the best (or worse) breakfasts around it. Today we are travelling to Hawaii, beautiful islands in the Pacific Ocean. The typical breakfast in Hawaii is called "Loco Moco" and it's made with burgers, eggs, rice and gravy. According to a legend, this breakfast was invented around 40 years ago, after a group of people asked a restaurant owner to make a "loco" (crazy) breakfast that needed to be quick to make and above all cheap.

Thanks to that, the "loco moco" became famous in the whole Country since then, and they're still serving it for breakfast. It is also eaten to cure hangovers or served to surfers, to recover after the long hours spent into the sea. Loco moco is also in the Guinness Book of Records. The chef Hideaki Miyoshi from the Restaurant Tokkuri Tei in Honolulu, has used about 600 pounds of rice, 300 pounds of meat, 200 pounds of gravy and 300 eggs to make it and after the record, he donate it to charity to feed the homeless. However, loco moco is not the only food you can have in Hawaii for breakfast. You can also enjoy one of the excellent Portuguese sausages served with sticky rice, the one used to make sushi. This sausage is cooked in a frying pan and then put over the rice together with scrambled eggs. Another food that you can eat during an Hawaiian breakfast is "Spam", which stands for "Special Process American Meat" (Artificially processed American meat). It is actually canned meat and it is so much eaten at breakfast that it became a traditional dish itself. A nice curiosity: have you noticed that "Spam" name is exactly the same name used to indicate spam emails? This canned beef in fact was indeed intensely publicized by the producer that became quite annoying for customers to hear to. Hence, the fun association of the two things .

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