Most expensive crisps in the world

Would you ever spend 50 Euro for 5 crisps? If the answer is no, then be careful to ask them if you are in Sweden at the St. Erik’s craft brewery: here a very chic black box with 5 crisps in it costs 50 Euro. The crisps can be purchased on the brewery website, but at the moment there are none available because, believe it or not, they run out in few days.

The crisps, as the managers of the brewery say, were created because no other type of crisps were good enough to be eaten with their beers. These crisps are made one by one using 5 key ingredients:

Matsutake mushrooms, algae of the Faroe Islands, dill from Bjäre peninsula, Leksand onions and a flavored beer produced by them.

-Matsutake mushrooms are collected literally with cotton gloves in a forest in the north of Sweden in order to maintain their quality. They have a taste similar to aged cheese;

-Algae truffles: as the name suggests, these algae have the reminiscent flavour of black truffle. The algae grows in small “nests" and it could only be found in very cold water. The one used at the brewery come from the Faroe Islands.

-Dill: for its characteristic flavor, dill used in these crisps has been carefully selected between some very good quality Swedish dill. The quality produced in Bjärehalvön was chosen for its fresh and powerful taste and it’s rigorously hand-picked.

-Leksand onion: is a special onion planted May the 18th and harvested on August the 10th;

India Pale Ale-wort: during the brewing process of beer barley malt converted to a sweet aromatic liquid called wort. To give the crisps a light sweetness has been added freeze-dried wort, which is normally used to bridge the St. Erik's India Pale Ale.

 Ammarnas potatoes: potatoes used to produce the crisps come from Ammarnäs, a steep, rocky hill to the south of Sweden, where potatoes are grown in a very limited extent. The slope is difficult to achieve for modern agricultural machinery, which means that all potatoes are planted and harvested by hand.

The brewery says that all proceeds from the sale of these expensive crisps are directly donated to charity.


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