Salmon: a great vitamin and well-being source

Salmon is a food that many of us are about to eat and cook during our Christmas holidays. Maybe  you already know some, but I'm going to list some key features about this fish which, besides being delicious, it is also healthy and really really good as well.

First: salmon can be eaten fresh or smoked. In both cases we eat it, we'll introduce in our bodies a large amount of Omega 3, real panacea for our body, which can be used to lower blood cholesterol's level, prevent free radicals (responsible for cellular aging) and studies have also confirmed that it can help to prevent many diseases, including cancer and osteoporosis.

Salmon is also rich in many vitamins and proteins, such as B6 and B12 and contains a number of calories low enough, less than 200 kcal for fresh salmon and around 140 to smoked salmon.

This fish can be an excellent substitute for red meat and eaten regularly it will give you numerous benefits.

What I'm going to write toady, is a recipe that I made, thinking about my next Christmas lunch that is about to come. This are salted pretzels stuffed with ricotta cheese, pepper and salmon, easy to prepare and absolutely delicious. One pulls the other.

Pretzels with smoked salmon mousse, dill and black pepper

Ingredients for about 15/20 pretzels

150 g of ricotta cheese

150 g smoked salmon

salt and fresh ground black pepper to taste

30 ready-made pretzels

6 sprigs of fresh dill


In an electric mixer, place the ricotta, the salmon cut into small pieces, salt (but not too much, just because salmon is already salted) and a nice dose of black pepper.

Blend everything until you get a homogenous mixture and even there will be small pieces of salmon in it, will fit the same.

Take a small round cookie cutter and place it above the base of the pretzel. They  should have more or less the same circumference. With the help of a spoon or a sac a poche if you prefer, fill out the cookie cutter completely to the top. If you'll find difficult to remove the cutter, take a knife, wet the tip with a little water (but also truffle oil, why not!) and move the border between cheese and mould.

Place another pretzel on the surface of the salmon and ricotta mixture and make a little bit of pressure to make it adhere, so nothing won't move and everything is compact.

Now prepare the dill.

Take dill sprigs and chop them until fine enough. Do this with a knife, because with an electric blender you'll obtaine only a dill puree and the final result won't be very pleasant to see.

Once you have finished chopping the dill, take one of your pretzels and pass the edge in the dill mixture, using a finger to make it adhere well.

An alternative to dill, for those who fail to appreciate this grass could be nigella seeds or poppy seeds.

Merry Christmas


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