Quattro volte Paperino. Another great exhibition at Marte Mediateca

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Cava de’ Tirreni, February/June 2019

Spring is coming and comics too. One of the most widely known cultural phenomena offers an exhibition about one of his most beloved characters.

The cultural center Marte Mediateca of Cava de ‘Tirreni is hosting the exhibition Four times Donald Duck until June 2019, to pay tribute to one of the most iconic faces of the international comics. The duck with the sailor’s jacket is in fact by far the favorite character of the weekly Mickey Mouse’s readers, according to a survey carried out some time ago for the number 3000 release.

The exhibition itinerary, which pieces together the career of Donald Duck, tells all the souls of this so popular character: classic Donald Duck (the lazy, but also generous duck, which we all know), Paperinik (the heroic defender of Duckburg city), PK (the superhero version of Paperinik) and finally DoubleDuck (the fearless secret agent). Four alter egos of the funny duck that have captured the imagination of three generations, from that distant 1934 in which the character introduced himself to the audience to the first time in nowdays.

There are five sections. The first one, curated by Luigi Bona, director of WOW Spazio Fumetto, is dedicated to the classic Donald Duck, born in 1934. The second one, curated by Luca Bertuzzi, is dedicated to the impregnable thief inspired by Diabolik Paperinik (1969). The third one, curated by Alberto Brambilla, is dedicated to PK, superhero inspired by the Marvel universe, which fights against alien invaders, insane artificial intelligence, terrorist cells. The fourth one, edited by Riccardo Mazzoni, is reserved to DoubleDuck, the code name for Donald Duck when he is the secret agent for the Agency. The fifth and last section is dedicated to Disney characters in Italy, a country that has played an important role since the beginning.

During the whole period of the exhibition there will be events, meetings with authors and presentations, which will allow fans to deepen their knowledge of Donald Duck.

Info on visiting hours and prices on the website.

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Phone: 089.9481133

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