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Refugees with a scientific background are needed in Europe. It is not a news that EU is looking for workers with scientific skills. Quite often migrants own a scientific background. That’s why a new EU initiative “Science4Refugees” has been lauched by the EU Commission, to facilitate a match-making process between asylum seekers researchers  and institutions, universities, companies. Since the beginning of 2015, approximately 500 thousands of refugees arrived in Europe. It’s time to start thinking about long-term occupations.

Job offers, internships and educational trainings advertisements will be published on Euraxess website, a portal providing all the information to follow an international research carreer. companies will just declare to be willing to welcome refugees.

Since the lauch by the Commissioner for Research Carlos Moedas already 40 applications were made on behalf of institutions or refugee/asylum seekers, as said by an EU official to East .

Science for Refugees in few steps

Institutions and companies when publishing a job offer advertisement can simply choose to mark the vacancy as open to asylum seekers by clicking on “Science4Refugees”. That makes potential vacancies for refugees are visible and easily accessible. In the meantime asylum seekers can upload their CVs on a dedicated Euraxess page and express their interest for the position. Registrations to the service is on a volutary and free basis. Furthermore, the website is full of informations on EU working conditions for refugess and asylum seekers.

With time, as an EU officials said, the system may also help to gain a better understanding on the number of refugees researchers that arrive to Europe. Currently,  the data on this are scarce or non-existent.

Next step will be to create a “Science4Refugees “ mobile app to provide easier access for refugee scientists to existing offers. After a while, other opportunities will be made avaialable on the website, such as research-related opportunities , educational trainings, languages courses to facilitate refugees integration in host countries.

The League of European Reasearch Universities (LERU) already expressed its commitment to take part in the initiative . There will be no filter on the publication of  advertisements  and applications made by refugees and employers. Indeed employers and asylum seekers scientists will have to ask references, competences and background directly to the person interested.

“By matching refugees and asylum seekers who have a scientific background with European scientific institutions, the EU will gain a huge diversity of new insight for our research, science and innovation, while taking practical steps in providing meaningful opportunities for a vastly talented, but greatly underprivileged, community. This is just one example of how we can show true solidarity to refugees and asylum seekers in the European Union”  Carlos Moedas EU Commissioner for Researh said .


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