Rouhani’s good intentions


The economic, social and cultural policies of Rouhani the reformist. Beyond the country’s borders, Trump’s unjustified hostility sours Iran’s relations with Europe.

The re-election of Hassan Rouhani in the Iranian presidential elections on 19 May reinforced the Islamic Republic’s pragmatist faction, of which Rouhani is one of the main exponents. The Iranian pragmatists are characterized by a predominantly technocratic approach, which is reflected in the individual policies that they promote. Concerning the economy, for example, the pragmatists support an open-market policy and liberalization away from the more statist approach. In terms of legislation, they have shown a cautious openness towards civil rights and are willing to tolerate
certain exceptions to social customs. Their foreign policy is distinguished by a greater propensity to open diplomatic
channels towards the main Western powers, in particular with European states such as Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom and France.

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