TECHNOLOGY & RESOURCES – A diaspora of scientists


‘Brain drain’ scientists all behave the same.


While it is important to foster the mobility of scientific research, we also have to avoid our best brains leaving the country. So the question is — should brain drains be allowed or curtailed?

Scientific research is an essential driving force for a country’s development, yet it is still unclear whether scientific mobility also guarantees advantages on this front. A team of scientists from the Polytechnic University in Turin has tried to assess the effect scientists’ international mobility has on research – and found that it was beneficial. What’s more, contrary to what we might presume, it is advantageous to both the nations that lose their scientists and those that ‘acquire’ them.

Policies that foster research mobility are on the increase: the European programmes Erasmus and Marie Curie Actions are just two examples. At the same time, however, countries are worried that many of their talented researchers, whom they have trained so well, might leave and never come back.
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