Technology&Resources – Good things come to an End


We have received and are pleased to publish… Ascanio Vitale wants to change the balance between Nature and Business. In favour of the former.

According to the environmental NGO, the Global Footprint Network – which specialises in analysing the ecological footprint of human activity on the planet – August 20 was Earth Overshoot Day for 2013. This calculation establishes the number of days it takes humanity to use up all the resources the planet can regenerate in any given year, according to sustainability criteria. The first calculation dates back to 1987, when Earth Overshoot Day fell on December 19. The world’s constant demographic growth, along with the access many economies in transition now have to more energy-guzzling lifestyles, both in South East Asia and South America, has led to a fast acceleration in the exploitation of the planet’s natural resources and energy supplies, mainly by manufacturing industries with an intensive use of raw materials and the energy sector.

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