The Lebanon, Riyadh’s unfaithful spouse


The Saudi vengeance over Lebanon could push Beirut into the arms of the ayatollahs or its own emancipation.


Syria, Yemen and Palestine, essentially the whole of the Middle East, is literally going up in flames. Among
the other ongoing conflicts lies a fierce economic and political war that Saudi Arabia, backed by many other Persian Gulf
nations, has declared on Lebanon. After years of financial backing and interference in the political processes of the
Country of Cedars, the Saudi monarchy has launched an unprecedented attack on Lebanon in recent months. The primary
target is the Shiite party Hezbollah, but behind the scenes lies Saudi Arabia’s endless struggle to gain the upper hand over Iran in the region. The apparent divorce of Saudi Arabia and Lebanon could be a complex and dangerous

The Saudis were the hosts for the peace talks that ended the Lebanese Civil War (1975–1990). In the aftermath of the conflict, the Saudis have consistently supported Lebanese Sunni Muslims and their Christian allies. And Saudi Arabia invested hundreds of millions of dollars in reconstruction in Lebanon, even after the invasions and bombings conducted by Israel in subsequent years.

According to the Lebanese journalist Abdullah Suleiman, “Today the all-powerful Arabia cannot accept not having complete control over little Lebanon. It wants its Sunni allies to block the Hezbollah militias fighting against its interests in Syria and Yemen. This is not happening, so forms of retaliation have been organised against unfaithful Lebanon”.

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