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New war with chinese hi-tech, US relations with the Talibans and Pakistan, Interpol’s new President, Trump and global warming

Huawei and the Chinese hi-tech war

The American administration has opened up a new chapter in its war against the Chinese high-tech manufacturing sector. This time it’s Huawei in the crosshairs. For the American authorities, the technological giant’s monopoly imperils world security. The United States are engaging in a campaign to put pressure on allied countries so as to warn them against entrusting their telecommunications infrastructure to Chinese manufacturers. According to American media, Washington is weighing up the possibility of increasing financial support for the technological development of countries that are prepared to switch supplier. The USA is primarily worried about the use of Chinese telecommunication equipment in countries that host United States’ military basis, such as Germany, Italy and Japan. Huawei is constantly reasserting that does not engage in any form of intelligence for any government and that it has the trust of over 170 countries worldwide.

Vote: 4 to Trump. His war is shifting from trade to politics… and we here at Eastwest don’t fancy wars

The US and the Taliban are now talking

While in Afghanistan the government’s security forces are suffering major casualties and the authority’s control over the land is at its lowest in the past three years (the government in Kabul only controls 56% of the country), meetings are still taking place in Qatar between representatives of the American government and the Taliban. Zalmay Khalilzad, the United States envoy to Afghanistan, a diplomat of Afghan descent authorised by President Trump’s government to conduct the negotiations, has stated that he intends to reach a peace agreement by April 20 2019, in time for the presidential elections in Afghanistan. In actual fact, the positive indications are very few. The Taliban representative has stated that the discussions are still in the preliminary stages and has denied that the group has reached an agreement on any of the issues on the table, while the American State Department has refused to comment. We’re still a long way off.

Vote: 8 to Khalilzad and to Qatar, for their attempts to promote dialogue

Donald Trump and Imran Khan at loggerheads

Tension between Pakistan and the United States is on the rise, after Donald Trump and Imran Khan began firing accusations at each other’s countries on Twitter. The American president is accusing Pakistan of having done nothing for the United States and allowing former al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden to hide away in the country while the government received American aid. The curt reply of the Pakistani Prime Minister followed: “Pakistan suffered 75,000 casualties in this war and over $123 billion was lost to the economy. US “aid” was a miniscule $20 billion”. Pakistan has always adopted an extremely ambiguous policy towards the Jihadi terrorist threat and the Taliban phenomenon in particular. Today Washington is accusing Islamabad of harbouring a network of the Haqqani, a group of Islamic militants responsible for some of the bloodiest attacks carried out in Afghanistan in recent years. At a time when the United States is looking for an exit strategy from Afghanistan, the breakdown in relations between the two countries could have serious repercussions for the entire region.

Vote: 5 to Trump and Khan. This tension will have dire consequences in the area

The new Interpol President elected in Dubai

The South Korean Kim Jong-yang is the new president of Interpol. The favourite Alexander Prokopchuk, a Major-General of the Russian Ministry of the Interior lost out by 61 votes to 101. A victory for the American administration which, with the support of Great Britain and various European countries, stood in the way of Prokopchuk’s election, fearing that the management of the red notices, the international arrest warrants sent to Interpol, could be manipulated for political purposes and used against dissidents and opponents. Russia rolled with the decision.

Vote: a 6 for encouragement to Kim Jong-yang. His taks is very important for our security, at a time when global governance is gradually taking root

Climate report: Trump belittles the data

Climate change could be very costly to the United States. The U.S: Global Change Research Program has delivered a very alarming report to Congress on the damage caused by global warming in the US. The consequences of climate change are already affecting the country and the situation risks getting worse very quickly. The report mentions devastating droughts and fires, increasingly violent hurricanes, floods and coastal erosion and ice thawing. The price to be paid to global warming could be very high even from an economic point of view: – 10% of GDP within 80 years. Donald Trump, who inaugurated his presidency by withdrawing Washington’s commitment to the Paris Accord on climate, belittled the report’s data. His spokesperson stated that the assessment is “for the most part based on a worst case scenario”.

Vote: 1 to Trump. This is a serious lack of awareness, damaging for the globe even if American cities are luckily complying with Paris even without the federal seal of approval


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