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Clinton’s Europe Hillary Clinton bills herself as the “continuity candi- date” to US President Barack Obama.

While that may be true for domestic policy, it is not the case when it comes to America’s foreign policy. Clinton is more comfortable with projecting US power abroad than Obama, and this has significant implications for  Europe.

Cinton would aggressively bolster  the  European Reassurance Initiative to confirm America’s commitment to pro- tecting its allies in Europe from Russia and other threats. A Clinton presidency would also provide more weapons and support for Ukraine’s bat- tle against separatists. She would also likely ensure that Europe contributed more to those defence arrangements, something which Obama failed to do.

While she has been forced by Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump to be more sceptical of free trade, once president, Clinton would support agree- ments like the TTIP. Under her leadership, the US would continue to play an important role in Europe.

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