The ‘Nordic Film Fest’ and ‘Be Nordic’ in Rome


This year the Film Festival of Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Iceland was even more interesting: also Innovation Norway, Visit Sweden, Visit Finland and Visit Denmark have brought their ‘Be Nordic’ event to Rome, at Villa Borghese (at ‘La Casa del Cinema’ where the Festival took place from May 4th to May 7th).

The Embassies of Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, organize the Nordic Film Fest with the collaboration of the Embassy of Iceland in Paris, of the ‘Circolo Scandinavo’ in Rome, and of the City of Rome. The WGI Masterclass – organized by Writers Guild Italia (a union of screenplayers) in collaboration with Siae (Italian Society of Authors and Publishers) by the authors Mans Marlind (‘Midnight Sun’, ‘Broen’, The Bridge ‘) and Bjorn Stein (‘ Midnight Sun ‘,’ The Bridge ‘,’ Underworld Awakening ‘) was greatly appreciated.

This year, Finland celebrates a century of independence: a photographic exhibition entitled ‘Donne forti luce tenue’ (‘Strong women dim light’) about the history of Finnish cinematography,

was hosted at ‘La Casa del Cinema’. In the Eighties, Italy discovered the movies directed by Aki Kaurismäki, but, in the Nordic Country, the ‘big screen’ was already important in the 1930s and early 1960s.

The second year students (courses of Interactive Design and Sound Design) of the IED European Design Institute have realized the official trailer. The projection of ‘The Happiest Day in the Life of Olli Mäki‘ (Finland, 2016) has opened the Film Fest: the story is inspired by the first boxing world championship at the Olympic Stadium in Helsinki, where a boxer turns into a champion in the spotlight, with remarkable consequences on his life.

The film about Olli Mäki (by Juho Kuosmanen) screenplayed by Juho Kuosmanen and Mikko Myllilahti, with actors Jarkko Lahti, Oona Airola, Eero Milonoff, won the Un Certain Regard prize at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival (Production: Aamu Filmcompany, ONE TWO Films, Three Vänner Produktion AB). During the four days, the ‘Circolo Scandinavo’ presented the 3D animation ‘Lusus Naturae’ (Iceland, 2014, Video Art-Multimedia – Iceland) with music and images by visual artists Olof Nordal and Gunnar Karlsson and by composer Þuriður Jónsdóttir.

The ‘Circolo Scandinavo’ of Rome has brought to the public the short films ‘Snuffbox’ (Sweden, 2016) an horror story directed by Bengt Persson and Melker Sundén, screenplayed by Melker Sundén, with the actors Matti Boustedt, Tim Plester, Juan Rodríguez (Production ‘Storyworld’); ‘Salt’ (Norway, 2014), dance performance and animation shot in the Wieliczka salt mines near Krakow (Poland) and on the Scottish sand dunes, directed and screenplayed by Maria Lloyd (production Mediaoperatørene AS) and finally four Finnish animated shorts of Maria Bjorklund, ‘Summer in Helsinki’, ‘Yellow’, Vuosirengas’, ‘Blava’.

During the Sixth Edition of the North Film Fest, Finnish Ambassador Janne Taalas highlighted the important cultural exchange between the Nordic countries and Italy. Ambassadors of Norway Bjørn Grydeland; of Sweden, Robert Rydberg; and of Denmark, Erik Vilstrup Lorenzen, also emphasized the long cooperation in the film industry between Italy and the Nordic area. This year, the journey and the culture of the Sámi peoples (living in northern Finland, Norway, Sweden) were the main themes of the initiative.


Viskan miracles - Lia at the bridge. - Nordic Film Fest - Guido Gaito Usartecoop

Sami Boypressefoto - Sami Boja. - Nordic Film Fest - Guido Gaito Usartecoop

Sami Blood Photo Sophia Olsson small - Sami Boypressefoto - Nordic Film Fest - Guido Gaito Usartecoop

Passeri Sparrows - Nordic Film Fest - Guido Gaito Usartecoop