The Suicide Club in Ukraine


The list of politicians killed in Ukraine gets longer. In a few months, 11 former allies of Yanukovich died. Strange suicides and clear homicides. Yesterday also a well-known journalist, who used to oppose the government from his lines, was killed at gunshot in Kiev.

What is happening in Ukraine? A suicide epidemic is spreading among former cronies of ousted President Viktor Yanukovych. Politicians who in the days of Maidan supported the government’s reaction to the riots in the streets. People with a long career in the upper echelons of the country, not just greenhorns. Hard people that it is difficult to imagine in a crisis of conscience while hanging by a rope from the ceiling.

Who are they so far?


The Suicide Club

On August 27, Valentina Semeniuk-Smasonenko shot in the head with a shotgun. She directed the State Property Fund.
On January 26, the former director of the railways Mykola Serhinenko did the same use of the shotgun.
January 29, Oleksiy Kolesnyk, former governor of the Kharkov region, was hanging from the ceiling of the house with a rope around his neck.
On February 25, the former mayor of Melitopol, Serhiy Walter, was hanging from a rope as well.
The next day, February 26, the deputy chief of police of Melitopol, Oleksandr Bordyuh, was found dead in his garage in circumstances not yet clarified.
On February 28, former deputy of the Party of Regions Mikhail Chechetov, jumped from his 17th floor apartment in Kiev to. He had been one of the great managers of the privatization of the immense productive public Ukrainian assets.
On March 9, another Yanukovich’s party MP, Stanislav Melnik, shot himself in the head with a shotgun.
On March 12, the governor of the region of Zaporizhia, Aleksandr Peklushenko. Still a rifle.
On March 13 Sergei Melnychuk, prosecutor in Odessa, falls from a window.
On April 16, it was the turn of Oleg Kalashnikov, another former member of the Party of Regions, fired on the landing of his house. Kalashnikov is so far the last on the list. Well, actually, no.
Because we should add to the list Oleg Buzina, killed a few hours after Kalashnikov with a gun. Buzina was not a politician, but a well-known journalist with anti-government or, if you prefer, strongly pro-Russian positions. Although he was a candidate in the last parliamentary, not elected, for the Russian Block.

One that instead did it was the mayor of Kharkov, Gennady Kernes, shot in the back in April of last year, but survived. The shady  billionaire who has ridden the Antimaidan protest in Kharkov and that would be behind the (for now) failed separatist movement of the second largest city of the East, before changing his mind and become a staunch supporter of Ukraine.
In short, given that the list of members of the Suicide Club stretches in a rapid pace, many are now in fear for their lifves. For the Kiev authorities in at least 10 cases out of 11, there is nothing strange. It is suicide due to the psychological state of the victims who preferred death to the prospect of jail.
The survivors – is indeed the case to call this way all other former Yanukovich – who have not sought refuge in Russia, feel the earth shake beneath their feet. For now, none of them has expressed his or her intention to jump from a window. Unless someone does not give a hand.