The typical Chinese Breakfast


Among the many breakfasts we can find in a virtual trip around the world, having learned already how to make a perfect English breakfast, we can certainly dwell on the traditional Chinese breakfast. Forget the traditional European breakfast, made of milk or tea, croissants and fruit juices, because the foods that can be eaten during the Chinese breakfast are very different and may vary depending from the area in which you consume them, but we can try to make a generic list of the most popular foods Chinese people use to eat as their first meal of the day.

During the Chinese breakfast they served a lot of very different dishes, with a great variety of ingredients: fruit, meat, vegetables, noodles and more.

The breakfast usually starts to be served very early in Asian countries, as people begin to work very early too. For that reason, Chinese breakfast has also become one very appreciate street food, as we all can see by the high number of stalls serving food on every corner of the streets.

Here is some of the typical dishes that you can find and enjoy:

The “ji dan bing” is a kind of crepes / very thin omelette which is made with eggs and ingredients to taste, here’s you can see how they make it:


Shou is a rice pudding made with rice cooked for a long time, seasoned with various ingredient: the most popular one is the one made with red beans.

The bao zi are the typical round small white dough balls that you often see in movies or in cartoons and they are made with flour, sugar and baking powder and filled with anything: vegetables, meat, fish, chicken and then steamed.

Tangyuan or tang yuan again are small balls made with rice flour mixed with a small amount of water, to form a dough that can be filled or not, depending on the recipe, and they are then served in boiling water.

Ban Mian is a dish made with egg noodle and broth, served with meat or fish, depending on the recipe and the areas you are eating it. It’s one of the most healthy food that we can find in China and is sold both on street stalls and in restaurants. They usually used fresh noodle to make this dish, but as this has become very popular between the people, they started to use already made noodles to smarten up the preparation. This dish can be served with a good variety of ingredients: fish, mushrooms, meat, garlic, soybeans, pork, fresh eggs which then will cook in the same broth. The breakfast version is the most simple you can have.

Mango pudding: a sweet made with fresh mango and very often with some condensed milk.

Jiaozi are the typical Chinese dumplings stuffed with meat and then steamed or fried.

The “Chongqing” are sweet potato flour noodles, usually served with a spicy / sour sauce.

Chinese are great users of soybeans, in fact they use to drink the ”doujiang”, a fermented soy milk and sweetened and eat “Doufunao”, a typical fresh cheese made from soybeans and then topped with various vegetables and soy sauce.

Another very common food that you might eat for breakfast in China would be the “Danbing”, a pancake made with eggs and seasoned with fresh onions.