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There is war in Ukraine, the International Red Cross say

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While in Kiev the parade for Independence Day strolled along the Khreshatik, separatists in Donetsk made POWs parade between their bayonets and an angry mob. In the same time, the International Committee of the Red Cross leaked the decision to formally upgrade the Ukrainian crisis to “international conflict”. This opens the way to the Hague tribunal.

No wonder if the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has not seen anything humiliating in the parade of prisoners of war in Donetsk. “I’ve seen photos,” Lavrov said, “and I found nothing close to an abuse.” We too have seen the photos, but we think differently. The Ukrainian prisoners were paraded under the threat of bayonets of the militia. Visibly disoriented and frightened, with long beards, the soldiers had to submit to the public curiosity of an angry crowd that taunted them. The march was followed by three trucks which theatrically washed the road after them. The fact that both the militia and Lavrov consider this a suitable treatment for POWs is just another clue of the distance thatkeeps Russia separated from the West. Just like the treatment of political opposition, the LGBT community, religions other than Christian Orthodox, ethnic minorities in Crimea, and so on.



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