Turkey and the EU: Dialogue to Ensure Energy Security

Energy and decarbonization: a space for cooperation and dialogue between the European Union and Turkey

On 24 February, Russia’s internationally condemned act of aggression against Ukraine created a situation of precariousness across the globe and especially in the European Union. Since March’s Versailles Declaration, whereby member states agreed to phase out EU dependence on Russian fossil fuels, member states are working in close coordination to tackle rising prices and ensure energy supplies for the upcoming winter. In fact, Executive Vice President Timmermans emphasized the diversification of energy, saving, and the acceleration of renewable energy as key measures to reduce EU’s dependency on Russian fossil fuels. Though reachable, such goals would be unrealistic without acknowledging the EU’s current need for gas and thus stressing the importance of an energy cooperation between the EU and Turkey in ensuring energy security. EU member states are willing to compromise interests to make room for short-term modifications of the Customs Union to regulate the EU’s relationship with Turkey through the lens of the Green Deal and the objectives of the recently proposed REPowerEU. 

Considering recent initiatives to reduce EU dependence on Russian gas, energy diversification should mainly focus on the member states of the EU’s Neighborhood Policies, a community strategy through which closer relations between the EU and its neighbors are sought. Despite stalled proceedings, Turkey is an essential agent due to its status as a Candidate State for the EU, and its position as a crucial energy transit hub of LNG, coal, and energy connections with the Caucasus and the Middle East. 

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