The new issue

East 51 will be on sale at newsagents from January 2nd with a new price - €8 - a new format and a new editor in chief, James Hansen, who aims to provide improved quality and an exclusive, original and surprising take on global geopolitics.

East 51 presentation in Genoa

The new issue of EAST will be presented and discussed at the Feltrinelli Bookshop in Via Ceccardi 16r in Genoa at 6.00 pm on  the upcoming 21st of January.

EAST 50 at newsagents and in bookshops

  East 50, at newsstands and bookshops from the 1st of November in a slimmer format and featuring important new content, hosts Sergio Romano’s views on the bungled expulsion of the wife of Kazakh dissident Muxtar Ablyazov and Sandro Gozi’s take on the upcoming European elections while Franco Bernabè weighs the risks of an Internet smothered by crime and espionage.

Winter 2013 subscription offer

A special offer for our readers, valid until 31 December 2013.

We support “1000 food gardens in Africa”

EAST has adopted a food garden in Africa and thus become a supporter of the initiative that goes by the name “1000 Food Gardens in Africa”, set up thanks to the efforts of the Terra Madre Foundation, which operates within the fold of the Slow Food Association.