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A collection of clichès and the most common and hackneyed misunderstandings

All the candidates backed by Obama at the recent midterm elections lost. 


According to National Public Radio, at the recent elections Barack Obama supported over 300 democratic candidates, of which 74 were running for Congress. The former President travelled throughout the country taking an active part in the campaign. A post with a fair number of shares on Facebook insinuated that all these candidates lost out in the elections. This was not the case. As many as 52% of candidates backed by Obama were successfully voted into office in the elections, while only 28% of those backed by Trump were equally successful.  

Spanish-American family incomes have never been this high before. 


Every year, the US Census Bureau, the official social data organism of the United States Government publishes its annual report on incomes and poverty in the country. The statistics published in September 2018 show how the incomes of Spanish-American families in 2017 were the highest they’ve ever been. Apparently the Trump Administration is not solely responsible: according to the report’s data, Hispanic incomes started to rise in 2011, under the Obama administration, and since then have increased by almost one third.

Smoking marijuana for recreational use is now legal in most American states.


The use of marijuana for recreational purposes is only legal in ten American states: Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Colorado, Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts and Michigan, which was the last state to authorise recreational use thanks to a referendum held last November, in which the Yes vote prevailed with 58% of the consensus. In Michigan, it will be legal to own as many as 12 plants for recreational use. Medical marijuana is instead legal in 30 states. In June Oklahoma became the 30th and last state to allow this kind of use.


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