Peanut butter cups

Peanut butter cups are a delicious treat, very easy to make, which is also gluten free and vegan. The main ingredient are two, but on the web you can find many variations.

Let's see how to make them.

Ingredients for 12 cups:

- 300 g of dark chocolate (but you can also use half of milk one)

- 200 g of peanut butter


Break the chocolate into small pieces and melt in a double boiler or microwave, being careful not to burn it.

Take a cupcake tray and put cupcakes liners in every space. Take a bit of melted chocolate at a time, about a teaspoon or so, and put it into every cupcake’s liner, making sure to cover the entire base.

Once you’ve done that, put in each cupcake liner a teaspoon of peanut butter. If you see that peanut butter is too solid, heat it a few seconds in microwave or double boiler.


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