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Viktor Orbán: the Left moves Right and wins


Even if you don’t like “Orbanism,” Hungary’s economy works again.

A quarter of a century on from the fall of the Iron Curtain, Viktor Orbán is the only Hungarian politician to have held the role of Prime Minister for three mandates, including back to back election victories.

On 6 April the founder of the Fidesz party was re-elected to lead the country by over 44% of voters, winning over two thirds of parliamentary seats.

Orbán’s centre-right coalition had effectively lost 640 thousand votes compared with the previous election, but in his acceptance speech he made no hint of this as he claimed, “the verdict of the electors confirms that that the government’s policies are the right ones.”

Born to a humble family from Alcsùtdoboz, south east of the capital, and raised in nearby Felcsùt, a village of 1800 inhabitants still living in Soviet era housing, the political career of this 51 year-old began in 1988.

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