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A business simulation

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Along with the sales manager of Öz Water, Mr. Öksüzoğlu sometimes motivates sales people of his company in person, believing in its power of influence as a leader. During one of his visits to a retail store, he comes across Lesslie Jugger and further increases her motivation to be successful.

(At the retail store…)

SP: Welcome, Mr. Öksüzoğlu, what a pleasant surprise!

F: Oh, yes, you guys turned out to be the lucky ones for today. So, how’s everything going?

SP: It’s alright, sales have almost met our monthly goal, seems like we may achieve an increased number of sales for the next month.

F: I’m glad to hear that, and what makes me even happier is your positive attitude towards your job. Keep going with this high motivation and will be competitive for obtaining a promotion.

SP: Thanks a lot, I appreciate your gratification.

F: What was your name again?

SP: It’s Lesslie Jugger.

F: I’ll let the sales manager know about you specifically since such success and attitude need to be rewarded.

SP: Thank you again, Sir.

F: Seems like my job here is done. Have a good day with lots of sales.

SP: Indeed, have a good day!

Part 3 – B2C

Lesslie Jugger calls Mrs. White for after sales follow-up. She sold her a tap water filter and calls her for tracking customer satisfaction just as she always does with all of the store’s customers.

SP: Hi, this is Jugger from Öz Water, how are you Mrs. White?

Mrs. W: Oh, hi Ms. Jugger, thanks for calling, I am fine, how about you?

SP: Fine also, thanks. I called for checking whether you are satisfied with your drinking water filter that you purchased for your tap.

Mrs. W: Yes, it is working perfectly well, it really made my life easier, I don’t have to order gallons of water anymore. And actually, I am glad that you called because I need another filtered tap. I was planning on stopping by today!

SP: It’s nice to hear that you are satisfied, what exactly do you need it for? Oh, or we can just talk about it when you are here. I am looking forward.

(Later at the retail store…)

SP: Welcome Mrs. White, so why do you need the new tap?

Mrs. W(gesturing at her daughter): My daughter, Lisa, is moving out for University and her flat is in the 4th floor. We thought that in the long run it will be harder for her to order or carry drinking water every time she needs to.

Lisa: Yes, it definitely will. But it is also very expensive, I don’t want to be a burden for my mother, she just dragged me here…

SP: Indeed Lisa, it’s really good that you are here. You are lucky that I have a new product which will suit you: (Salesperson brings the product) the table water filter! Cheaper for sure, practical, easy to use and perfect for your busy student life (laughing)…

Lisa: This looks great, how does it work?

Mrs. W(interrupting): I heard about this kind of products already, it is said that it is not fully clarifying the water, especially not in places where the water is really hard, as it is Limetown, the city my daughter is moving to.

SP: It might be the case with most of the filters used nowadays, but this brand uses a new technology-based filter, assuring its perfect functioning, so you will not have such a problem. Let me now explain you how it works: you just put tap water in the jug, wait a few seconds so that it will be filtered through the funnel and drink it, easy as that.

Lisa: And how long does the filter last?

SP: Quite long actually. You will only need to change it after 150 litres, which corresponds to nearly 4 weeks of usage.

Lisa: That sounds all good. How much is it?

SP: The jug costs 25€ and a 3 pack filter 20€. But with the new jug you will have 2 for free. So you see, the product is good, really convenient and it fits your needs, and the price is quite reasonable.

Mrs. W: I think it’s a great solution, what do you say honey?      

Lisa: All right, let’s buy it.

SP: Well, then I’ll prepare everything over the counter.


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