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Best Water Technology Role play report

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On the one hand, Best Water Technology, whose founder is OğuzKönig, is a newly founded German company selling jug-type water filters, with 100 employees. It has received an investment of €3 million for 50% of the shares by CihanŞahin, a 40-year-old angel investor in Germany. The company aims at expanding in the European market but at the same time, Mr. König thinks that entering the Asian market would give its company an advantage with respect to the competitors. His main competitors are Brita (a German company founded in the 1960s by Heinz Hankammer that specializes in water filtration products; nowadays, 82% of its turnover is generated outside of the German market) and Tefal (founded in the 1950s in France as a manufacturer of tools for cooking in aluminum, became the industry’s first national manufacturer in the following years). Brita has already entered the Turkish market and sells its product in Migros stores, but Oğuz wants to reach more traditional customers who shop from specialized stores.

On the other hand, Fatih Öksüzoğlu owns Öz Water Holding, a big player in Turkey for over 15 years in the industry of water filters (it has a nearly monopolistic market share, more than 70%). The company has over 10 000 employees and a total worth of around €20 million. Its competitors in the industrial sector are Rainwater and Rainsoft. In retail, its specialized stores compete with consumer retailers such as Migros and Carrefour. However, the competition does not really affect the company since Fatih also buys from industrial producers and sells to retailers, acting as both a middleman and distributor for his own competitors.



26, founder of Best Water Technology, he appears to be calm and very organized. He prepares a formula presentation AIDA for Fatih Öksüzoğlu to introduce the product he wants to sell. He has relations in both Turkey and Germany, so his network is quite strong. He knows people who can help him establish his business in different markets.

Fatih Öksüzoğlu

50, owner of Öz Water Holding, he also acts on behalf of the Sales Manager when it comes to motivating salespeople. He is enthusiastic and prepared, a direct type buyer, impatient and not willing to lose time. He founded his company 15 years ago from scratch so he is friendly to inexperienced business people who are going through hard times with their own companies. He respects his business partners and employees. He prefers to assist his employees in day-to-day operations and make surprise visits to stores. He is generous in rewarding and a very fatherly figure in general.

Lesslie Jugger

22-year-old salesperson, with a BA degree from Management. Straight out of college, she is working for Fatih Öksüzoğlu, motivated in doing her job, listening to customers’ concerns and trying to come up with a satisfactory solution for them. She would like to move up the ladder once she gets more experience. For the moment, she wants to learn how to establish lasting relationships with her customers. Mrs.White is one of them.

Mrs White

40 year old housewife, she lived in a lot of countries and has settled in Turkey for the moment with her family. She has used filtered water taps in Germany and was very happy to find out that Öz Water Holding sells these in Turkey as well, so she became their loyal customer. She is a status quo buyer, listens carefully, asks specific questions and needs to trust the product and the salesperson as well. Once she has established a relation with a product or a company, she stays loyal. She is concerned for her daughter and can be very protective.


Mrs White’s daughter, 18-year-old girl who is moving away from home for studying at university in Lime town, a city famous for its lime and hard water. She is an interpersonal buyer, very friendly but not able to focus on details. She doesn’t want to be a burden on her family but her mother is always concerned for her.

Mr. König is trying to enter the Turkish market and is advised by Mr. Şahin, who knows Fatih Öksüzoğlu in person, to work together with him rather than compete against him since he is an experienced businessman and most importantly the owner of Öz Water, which is a major company in Turkey.

The sales situation is outlined in 3 parts. We first have the business-to-business sale, where Oğuz König presents his new product, the jug, to Fatih Öksüzoğlu for him to buy it. Then, Fatih Öksüzoğlu visits one of Öz Water’s retail stores and motivates Lesslie Jugger for her work as a salesperson and for the sales results reached. Finally, we have a business-to-consumers sale, with LesslieJugger calling one of the company’s loyal customers, Mrs White, for making sure everything is fine with her last purchase. She ends up selling the jug to her and her daughter, Lisa. The negotiation strategies and methods used are stated in the script.


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