Come la rivoluzione digitale ci ha cambiato la vita

Quando si pensa all’evoluzione delle tecnologie della parola, non si può fare a meno di notare quanto la comunicazione abbia subito negli ultimi decenni una sorta di smaterializzazione;

Quick guide on how to apply for an electronic visa

When you start planning your trip abroad, one of the things you may have to take care of is a visa. That is non sei the case if you are exempt from going through this process, but if you are not, then you need to check your options. While some countries still insist that you go to their nearest embassies to obtain a visa, others adopted the electronic visa system, meaning that you can apply for a visa online.

Investimenti esteri: un po’ di America in Italia

Innovation: the technology platform

Using the VRIN model

International competition

What does the Italian market demand?

Why did we choose Starbucks as a brand?

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