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East 54 – The new issue


The new issue of East Global Geopolitics will be on sale at newsagents and bookshops on the 1st of July.

Spurred on by the abdication of Juan Carlos of Spain, in this issue we take a look at a few modern day ‘sovereigns’: the Turk Tayyip Erdoğan, lambasted yet irreplaceable, the Hungarian Viktor Orbán, not too popular abroad but hugely successful on his own turf and the Frenchman François Hollande, unpopular pretty much everywhere.

To add a little perspective, there’s also a portrait of Peter the Great, who set the stage for the Russia of today. The first Tzar “of all Russia”, he placed a levy on beards and was the first (of many) to conquer Crimea.

Hundreds of millions have been called to vote in India and Europe. The large number democracies have won the day, defying pundits in Asia as much as over here.

European feelings are now voiced through blogs, the British legal system has to come to terms with an incompatible Sharia law (once again due to Large Numbers), while Muslim women are becoming fervent supporters of the jihad.

Anglo-Saxons speak of laundering money, while Europeans refer to it as recycling. Call it what you like, it’s an expanding sector and one that Willy Sutton, the famous American bank robber of the Thirties, would probably have enjoyed being a part of, forsaking his traditional safe cracking methods.

The dossier for this issue is dedicated to marriage, a fundamental institution that is undergoing a radical transformation in all corners of the globe and polygamy is more widespread than people are prepared to acknowledge. Both Barack Obama and his challenger in the last US presidential elections, Mitt Romney, have polygamous backgrounds.

Al Jazeera is bidding to make its mark in the States just as the burkini flourishes on the catwalks. The Afghan Mujahideen could play a major role in defending the Earth against alien monsters. We also pay homage to our four legged friends who spearheaded space travel.

It has recently been suggested that criminals might be sentenced to ‘cognitive’ punishments, ten life sentences lasting a single night in a terrifying prison of the mind. An endless form of suffering that would save tax payers stacks of money.

Counter-terrorism now has its own trade fair in London while in Urumqi – the largest metropolis you’ve never heard of – terrorism is striding into the public squares.

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