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Elevator Program


GYIAD has a great network of accountable professionals who have the tools to empower young entrepreneurs with their knowledge and skills. This program will be just like a management trainee program, where selected students will get to work with these members in their businesses. They will have a chance to use everything that they have learned in their own entrepreneurial business.

Awarding Competitions

Young entrepreneurs will be able to get funding by entering thecompetition. They will attend several training sessions before the big presentation. This will allow them to get a sense of what the real business life is like. If they work hard enough, they will also have the opportunity to make their project real.

C. Social Media Engagement and Internet

GYIAD lacks engagement on the Internet and social media. It looks like a contradiction when we know that the association is working with young people, who very much rely on Internet and social media nowadays. Especially, improvements should be focusing on their LinkedIn profile. Why is that? Because LinkedIn is the most relevant social media for such an association, it would be, other than a mean of advertisement, an efficient way of selecting potential members, by looking at their current position and previous experiences. The current selection procedure seems really complicated and discouraging, LinkedIn could be a tool to make this procedure easier for both the company and the applicants without losing their expertise. Furthermore, it could work as a platform to connect people looking for a job to companies. This would on the one hand increase GYIAD’s cooperation with companies and on the other hand create a strong feeling of belonging among the members. Another idea that goes in this sense is to build an online community. It would be a way for young businessmen to keep in touch with each other in their daily life and become a group of friends rather than just different individuals pertaining to the same association. Creating a bond between the members of a project is crucial to truly believe in the project and make it grow.

This wouldn’t require many costs for the association, just a team that deals with the web. As far as the joint platform connecting companies with members is concerned, thanks to the consultancy company that we talked about previously, GYIAD would already be in touch with companies.

D. Vision statement

The vision statement is not in line with the NGOs usual purposes. It wants GYIAD to be the best association in Turkey, “the most powerful and recognized NGO of its field in Turkey”. This looks more like a company-based vision statement. It should not be about being the best, but about providing the best service they can to young people working in the business field so that they can take full advantage of it. This would mean more opportunities for them as single individuals, but also and most importantly more opportunities for the country as a whole.

We thought one valid alternative could be “Act individually to act nationally”. Their primary aim in fact, as specified in their mission and objectives, is to improve the conditions of every Turkish young businessman in terms of professional career in order to contribute to the cultural, social and economic development of the country as a whole. Since the vision doesn’t have to go in detail on what the association does but just give a general idea, this could be a good metaphor for explaining that by acting individually they are improving Turkey’s welfare. Such a sentence is also more likely to bring motivation towards accomplishing something for the good of the country.



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