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Failed Coup in Turkey


– The ’80s like attempt is failed exactly because we are not any longer in the ’80s: the army is not the same, the Heads are appointed by the Government, the soldiers are not any more the ignorant young that obeyed blindly to their chiefs. In fact they refused to shoot against the people;

– AKP Government has created in these years a strong and well payed police, which has reacted to the militaru coup;
– the intervention of Obama and Merkel in support of Erdogan has been key to convince the great part of the army (especially the brigades included in the Nato forces) not to follow the golpists;
– the control of State TV is not any more sufficient to control communication. Erdogan has managed to call the people in the streets using a smart-phone, from Marmaris, where he was spending some days of holidays;
– the middle class, even the secularists contrary to Erdogan islamic Government, did not support the idea of a coup d’Etat as a good solution;
– in the next hours, we will understand better which consequences this failed coup will have on the governance in Turkey, but an even more authoritarian turning is likely to develop.


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