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WHAT IS DESIGENZ? It’s a workshop competition designed for all students in all majors and all fields of study — the more diverse, the better. During the workshop, participants will: share their experiences as users of any service (at the mall, the supermarket, the movie theater, in airports, at banks, in car rental companies, etc.), and suggest ways those experiences could have been better, and should be improved in future; learn a set of business and social science theories (including Design thinking methodology, Empathy maps, Persona theory, User journey theory, Experiment theory, Elevator pitch theory); complete a practicum in which they apply each theory learned in real-life settings in commercial business near and around the workshop space; work within a team to use the experiences gained during the practicum to invent/design a new user experience that incorporates positive elements from their experiences during the practicum portion of the workshop, to create a new user experience that is better than what it was before. WHO CAN APPLY? All students or recent graduate between the ages of 20-26 years old: Proficient in English; From any university in Italy; From all degree programs and fields of study; All nationalities welcome! WHAT DO PARTICIPANTS GET? Real work experience and transferable skills from the theories and their practical applications; Cash prizes;  Paid internship opportunity; Networking opportunity with customer experience experts and senior managers from UniCredit.  Apply today and win!

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