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Interview with Sinem Sonuvar (Part 1)

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We interviewed Sinem Sonuvar, the General Coordinator of GYIAD. We went to their office in Gayrettepe. It was a short but very informative session. We have recorded our interview with her consent.

  1. What is your organization’s intention/aim/goal?
  2. a) To work towards the goal of commercial and industrial development in Turkey and, when necessary, to consult the Union of Chambers and other authorized institutions;
  3. b) to follow the developments in the business world and to ensure that business experiences, opinions and ideas are circulated and spread;
  4. c) to develop the leadership qualities and social responsibilities of young businessmen and to promote the spirit of solidarity;
  5. d) to ensure the contribution of young businessmen to the cultural, social and economic development of the society.
  6. Do you have a vision statement? If yes, can you provide us the statement?

“To make our association the most powerful and recognized NGO of its field in Turkey”.

  1. Do you have a mission statement? If yes, can you provide us the statement?

“To bring Young Businessmen and Executives together and to prepare a platform which would contribute to Turkey’s economic, social and political life by creating new collaborations around shared objectives”.

  1. Do you carry out your operations in only one field or various fields?

Only one, the economics field.

  1. Is your main goal to provide services to those in need or to help building/establishing relations between those in need and the related authorities or to advocate a given issue to create a general awareness about that particular issue?

Our real purpose is reaching everybody in Turkey. We focus on the economy.

  1. Who is your target audience? / Who do you carry out your operations for?

The target audience are the people who have their own successful businesses or are in good

managerial positions. Our aim is to reach everyone in Turkey.

  1. How do you determine the needs of your target audience?

We are very connected with our members. We are actively working in the committees and have meetings regularly. Also, we use surveys to understand what our target audience wants. Unlike a company, the professionals don’t manage the NGO on their own.

  1. Do you carry out one-time projects or projects that are dispersed over larger periods of time?

We usually re-organize the project annually. Some of our projects are one-time only but there

are some projects like GYIAD academy which are life long.

  1. How do you obtain monetary resources (fundraising, resource development, transfer from corporate companies, etc.)?

Sponsorships, subscription fee, donations.

  1. How do you coordinate your operations with your donors?

Donors are part of the members and this provides easier coordination.

  1. Do you have a finance division/department?


  1. What kind of resources do you utilize for your different types of programs/campaigns?

We mainly benefit from sponsorships when hosting an event or conference. Our members also create a great human capital since they are mostly active in every aspect of the association.

  1. Do you have any field workers? If yes, how many field workers do you have?

We have no field workers.

  1. In general, how accountable and responsible do you think your organizations is in the public opinion?

It is really accountable, especially as far as economical reference is concerned. You may findgood reviews about us.

  1. Do you measure/calculate your efficiency ratio/level? If yes, how do you estimate this ratio/level?

No it is not measured.

  1. Do you carry out budgeting activities? If yes, what are the criteria you use for your budgets?

We create budgets annually but since a huge part of our income is based on donations and sincethe amount of donations is ambiguous, these budgets can be changed over the months.


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