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Interview with Sinem Sonuvar – (Part 2)


  1. Do you estimate forecasts for each year? If yes, what are the criteria for your forecasts?

It is really hard to estimate because you cannot forecast how much will be donated by donors.

  1. Do you have a clear organizational chart?

Yes, please refer to the organizational chart of this paper.

  1. Can you provide information about your board/committee structure?

There is not that complex structure. The organizational chart is attached.

  1. Are there clearly identified job descriptions for your workers and/or volunteers?

For the workers, there are clear job descriptions but our members mostly participate indeveloping new ideas and brainstorming. If they volunteer for an event or something, theirresponsibilities vary.

  1. To what extent do you feel that your organization is known throughout the public?

It is quite known between the relevant people in the sector.

  1. Do you carry out public relations/general communication activities?

Yes. We work with a PR Agency, which enables us to look in a different perspective.

  1. Can you provide information about your product line?

There is not one.

  1. How do you secure the transparency of your organization’s activities?

As an NGO, we have to be transparent. There is nothing secret within our organization. If a member asks to see the income statement or an invoice, we just show them. It’s also a matter of trust.

  1. What kind of internal audit mechanisms exist in your organization?

We use our members’ help. Our staff is very motivated as well.

  1. Do you have external/independent auditors to inspect your organization? If yes, do you do this with your own will or because you have to?

Yes we have independent auditors, it has to be like that. It is necessary. There are 2 auditmechanisms. We hire someone to make sure every financial aspect is correct. Also, some auditcompanies come every once in awhile to check up on us.

  1. How do you secure the participation of different viewpoints in your management?

By negotiation. Also, unlike companies, the amount of donation does not give a member moresaying.

  1. During your decision-making processes, how do you achieve open dialogue with your target audience and donors?

It is really important for us that members feel as being precious for the organization. If theydon’t, they won’t donate. So we have brainstorming sessions in committee meetings andtake surveys from our members in order to make sure everything is going fine.

  1. How do you warrant internal communication in your organization?

By coming together and hosting meetings. Our staff is not crowded, so it’s quite easy tocommunicate.

  1. From what kind of methods do you benefit to secure member/donor sustainability?

By making sure the members feel relevant and precious within our organization, which relies onthem being engaged.

  1. Do you have any common areas in which you cooperate with the private sector?

Sometimes yes, via the members.

  1. From what kind of methods do you benefit to manage your reputation?

The quality of members and our communication strategy.

  1. Are your programs/campaigns decided beforehand according to a strategy? If no, do you establish programs/campaigns as the need arises?

Yes they are decided beforehand.

  1. How do you secure the sustainability of the benefits you provide for your target audience?

With active projects.

  1. How do you secure the sustainability of the donations you receive?

Donors do not donate just for doing it. They are really willing to and this is what gives continuity. We create a community where people with the same vision come together and make greatness.

  1. How do you measure the extent to which you achieved your organizational goal?

We already achieved it.

  1. Do you think that your organization is a “brand” for your target audience?

Yes it is a brand because our decisions are serious.

  1. 22. Do you find the legal arrangements sufficient or restrictive for the area that your organization operates within?

We consider ourselves as an apolitical organization.


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