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When we checked all social media accounts of GYIAD, we encountered a huge deficiency. As a leading NGO in their field, it seems like unprofessional. After examining all events that are organized by GYIAD, we can think that they are working well on their marketing based issues but it is not true. Their followers’ number is even less than their real members’ number. This shows that they have to improve their marketing skills and try to communicate with the public to gain more funding or members. There can be some people who run great business and have no knowledge of such an organization.

Another point is that GYIAD can increase its bond with local universities to catch open-minded people’s recommendation and their attention of course. Because today’s students will be tomorrow’s future leaders, GYIAD should have good relations with universities to achieve sustainability. In fact, younger generations can be a mean of conveying the association’s mission and vision.

Events and Pr

There are plenty of events organized by GYIAD. We have categorized them as follows:


Their lastconference was about technology, innovation and entrepreneurship and was made in partnership with Istanbul University at Cıragan Palace. Many important people joined this event to talk about what is mostly needed in the sector. Every participantshowed its passion for innovation by supporting new entrepreneurs. People also joined this conference to learn and expand their knowledge, and to meet other people in their business field. This conference was a great opportunity for academic and professional development.


There was a special panel last year about Solar Energy. This panel could achieve to take the attention of people who cared about sustainable energy. There was a huge participation level at Hilton hotel. This topic was also related with limited resources of the world.Solarbaba platform founder was also there to give his support. It was a great collaboration.

Economy Breakfasts

In these informal meetings, GYIAD members discuss about the recent economic developments on the agenda. Recently, Economy Breakfasts were organized by GYIAD commercial relations and member Mr.EgemenKh together with Saxo Capital Markets. Some of the topics encountered include the following:

  • Will we experience an increase in trade?
  • Will oil prices continue to fall?
  • What about the price of gold?
  • In which direction does the stock market go?
Entrepreneurial Meetings

Along with 160 countries, GYIAD celebrated the Global Entrepreneurship Week (GGH) by means of local, national and global activities to test their potential of innovation and entrepreneurship as a career option.

Personal Development with Special Visitors

GYIAD’s personal development session’s last visitor was TanerÖzdeş, general manager at Infonet Technologies. The topic chosen was “the secrets of communication”, a 21st century topic. More in detail,Internet, social media, globalization, e-commerce, sales and marketing aspects of today’s communication were faced. The main reason for this choice is GYIAD thinks that all members should learn how to manage their feelings and communicate effectively, which is the key to success especially in the business field.

Traditional Member Meetings

It can be seen as way of creating a member network. Since they are all businessmen, they need good connections in the business environment. They cooperate together to enhance the GYIAD’s operations. These meetings happen in form of regular meetings or Gala dinners, as you can see from the pictures below:

Networking Meetings

The aim being the same as with Traditional Member Meetings, Networking Meetings propose more innovative solutions that might be more likely to attract a greater audience. A good example is “Brunch & Drive”.It was a brunch and BBQ, with playgrounds for children, held on September 2016.



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