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Problems and solutions


We identified several problems that GYIAD needs to work on. We will list them from what we believe is the most important one to the least important one and explain the solutions we came up with as well as the action steps to implement these solutions practically. We believe that problems A and B are really connected to each other, so they are both critical for GYIAD’s growth.

A. Money

Unfortunately, the biggest issue of most NGOs is funding. GYIAD did not share their annual income with us, so we are not sure how big of a problem this is. Assuming that all the events and programs need money, we believe that funding is a critical issue. As we have mentioned before, they don’t have sustainable income and rely fully on donations.

We came up with several solutions by which the association could raise more money than they do now. The first and quite obvious solution we have is hosting fundraising activities like auctions. Both internal members and externals may attend these events where both money and awareness would beraised.

Secondly, we thought that GYIAD could build a consultancy company to earn profit and use that money for the association. Members can volunteer and professionals can work in this company giving consultancy services to young professionals and start-up companies in need.This consultancy firm wouldmost probably collaborate with institutions such as university associations like BUMED and other NGOs like GIV as well.

As we mentioned, GYIAD has created an organization called the GYIAD Academy where young people learn about entrepreneurship by taking classes. We believe that within this organization, there could be some free and payable classes. They could also extend the scope of the academy and create an online academy as well, with a membership fee. This would increase their audience and help them generate more cash. What is more, they might also launch a mobile app where people could see their progress and class materials and the association could announce events and job opportunities for younger members of the Turkish community. This would also create a huge incentive for younger people to be connected with GYIAD since it is hard to find a decent job in Turkey nowadays.

B. Young people

We will continue with another critical problem we observed in the “young businessmen” terminology. When we first heard about GYIAD, we thought it was for young people, like us. However, they actually target young people who have already started and have taken off, but they would be much more successful if they also targeted the ones that still need to be launched.

In order to connect with actual young people, GYIAD could engage in the university life by taking new initiatives that help students, who will soon enter the workplace, have a good network or win all sorts of prizes. Below are the three projects that we came up with for university students and new graduates:

Mentorship Program

This program aims to bring together freshman and sophomore students with successful businessmen in a mentoring relationship. Young students will have a chance to ask any questions they might have but also they will be able to create themselves a career path by the help of these mentors. This program will be given to successful students freely, but for other students, a fee will be charged.



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