Self report Part 2

REUTERS/Ilya Naymushin

We are now left with the analysis of my Political Skill, i.e. the capacity to effectively understand others at work and use such knowledge to influence others to act in ways that enhance one’s personal and/or organizational objectives. Starting with my Networking Ability, I rated myself with a 3.5/5 while the others with a 4.37/5. I like knowing new people, from different cultures or with different backgrounds; I think it is always self-enriching. What I am not really keen on is networking for the purpose of networking. I would prefer spending time with my friends instead of participating to a networking event. I enjoy being surrounded by the people I like and I am comfortable with. This is not the case otherwise, where I would become very shy. However, when it comes to accomplishing a project for work purposes, I amalways determined to create a bond to ensure effectiveness and establish a climate of positivity. Interpersonal Influence shows the higher result for “other”, 4.7/5. It differs from my own result, which is 3.75/5. I would rather value what the others obtained, since we are talking about the ability to communicate with others. The gap might be due to a lack of confidence. The same can be said for Social Astuteness that evaluates the degree of understanding of people, where the results were 4.24/5 and 3.8/5 respectively for the others and myself. Finally, the last behaviour it is worth commenting is the Apparent Sincerity, the only sub-category of Political Skill where I obtained a higher result, 4.67/5 against 4.53/5. Rather than dwelling on this difference, which is insignificant, I would like to point out that if I don’t have a genuine interest in a person, I don’t commit myself to pursue the relationship. One thing I can’t stand is to feign interest; I usually describe myself as authentic, transparent. I am not able to take advantage of people or situations and I am not interested in it.

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