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Jasenka Bernfest

Jasenka works in CEE Best Practice Sharing, lives and works in Vienna. She likes arts and numbers therefore finding creative voice in banking. Together with Ruslan and Aleks she is creating videos and connecting people. She loves trekking, Games of Thrones and purple colour.

Niccolò Ceci

Niccolo sweats to improve the Employer Branding and the development of our Human Capital in UniCredit's CEE Division, from Vienna. He’s usually the annoying guy that either finds the solution or the problem. He’s a terrible photographer, but insists in taking pics of his travels. Please someone tell him.

Valentina Cvitkovic

Valentina is Business Manager to Head of CEE Division, coming from Zagreb and currently living in Vienna. She likes numbers and team work. Always happy to learn new things, adopting quickly to changes and a big fan of Agile.

Aleksandar Delmo

Aleks currently lives and works in Vienna contributing to the sharing of the best practices within UniCredit. Eclectic interests span from meaningful innovation, fintech, communication, social causes, international development etc. in an attempt to understand and keep pace with changing world.

Fabrizia Falzetti

She lives and works in Rome where she is managing director of Eastwest European Institute and Chief Coordinator of the eastwest magazine newsroom. She is also a film producer and has a long working and living experience in the Middle East.

Todor Kondev

Todor is CEE Digital Collaboration Expert, coming from Bulgaria, now established in Vienna. He’s a strange combination of mathematical tidiness and art-like creativity. He likes electronics, photography and video games. You can often see him running in the parks of Vienna. The rest of his non-working time he spends with his wife and 2-year son.

Mojca Kovac

Mojca is a Head of CEE Internal Communications, living between Milano and Ljubljana. She is an energetic, can-do person, always looking for new challenges in different areas of banking. She loves sports, movie nights and travel blogs.

Theresa Lindo

Theresa Lindo heads marketing and commercial activities for the Eastwest European Institute. She's American, has lived all over Western Europe and the Americas, and currently lives in Rome. She's a book worm and soccer mom who loves to travel, study languages, sing, binge on Netflix, and latin dance.

Ruslan Nafikov

Ruslan is Head of CEE Best Practice Sharing, lives and works in Vienna. Likes numbers and order, creates videos, records podcasts and connects people. Always wanted to be a rock star, but never tried (so far).

Riccardo Zaniboni

Riccardo is a member of CEE Agile team, mostly living in Vienna (but you can also bump into him in many Eastern European capitals lately). He´s determined to make processes leaner and guarantee we work by the Agile principles. Fascinated by innovation, but not always an early adopter. He loves rock music (both playing and listening), watching football and traveling.

Nikolina Zecic

Nikolina is Head of CEE Digital Collaboration in UniCredit, currently living in Vienna. She attended Hogwarts but for Muggles she finished University of Economics and Business. She’s always loved the digital world, and she is especially interested in connecting banking and digital dots.


Each workshop team consists of 4 student participants (you!) and 1-2 UniCredit employees - Customer Experience Coaches.

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This section contains your pre-workshop team assignment, which must be completed and submitted prior to the workshop. It is expected that each team splits the activities to cover all 3 parts of the assignment



Download the Workshop updated Agenda 


Jasenka Bernfest

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