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To enter the turkish market – A script

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Mr. König is trying to enter the Turkish market and is advised by Mr. Şahin, who knows Fatih Öksüzoğlu in person, to work together with him rather than compete against him since he is an experienced businessman and most importantly the owner of Öz Water, which is a major company in Turkey.

The sales situation is outlined in 3 parts. We first have the business-to-business sale, where Oğuz König presents his new product, the jug, to Fatih Öksüzoğlu for him to buy it. Then, Fatih Öksüzoğlu visits one of Öz Water’s retail stores and motivates Lesslie Jugger for her work as a salesperson and for the sales results reached. Finally, we have a business-to-consumers sale, with Lesslie Jugger calling one of the company’s loyal customers, Mrs White, for making sure everything is fine with her last purchase. She ends up selling the jug to her and her daughter, Lisa. The negotiation strategies and methods used are stated in the script.


Role play script


Part 1 – B2B

Mr. König is trying to enter the Turkish market and is advised by Mr. Şahin to work together with Mr. Öksüzoğlu since competing with him might not be a good idea because of Öz Water’s monopolistic position in the Turkish market. So Mr. König gets in contact with Mr. Öksüzoğlu by the time he comes to Turkey.


(Mr. König is calling…)


O: Hello Mr. Öksüzoğlu, my Name is Oğuz König. Remember, we met at the fair in Berlin as having Mr. Şahin as our fellow acquaintance.

F: Hello Mr. König. Yes, I remember, how have you been?

O: Quite ok, thank you, how are you doing?

F: I’m also fine, thanks. How is Mr. Şahin? It has been a long time since our last meeting…

O: He is doing well, too. In fact, he decided to invest in a new product of mine, and

he and I both thought that you may be interested in what we have.

F: And you may indeed be right, I’m listening.

O: So now I arrived in Istanbul with a new water filter shaped as a jug, much more different than what the consumers are used to since it does not have to be implemented within the taps.

F: Sounds interesting. Why don’t you come to my office to discuss it in detail, if you have time of course.

O: Yes, of course I have time, I will most likely be there in an hour.

F: Great, I am looking forward!

(At the office…)

F: Hello Mr. König, welcome. How are you?

O:Thanks, I am fine, and you?

F: Me too, thank you. Shall we start? I am quite excited!

O: Yes, just let me prepare my computer…

(Oğuz gets ready and the presentation starts. Slides about the product’s features. After the video (4th slide) Fatih interrupts him.

F: Excuse my impatience and sorry to interrupt your presentation but what is the price of this product?

O: I understand your concern about the price but you haven’t heard about the benefits yet so it will make more sense if you were to be told its price after its benefits.

F:Okay then, keep going please.

(Oğuz goes on with the presentation until it is over. Remaining slides explain the estimated profit and market share of the product, convincing Fatih that it is a profitable product. Fatih is very interested in buying the filter from Oğuz and selling it in his stores.)

O: What do you think about it?

F: It is even better than I expected.

O: So can we say that you are interested?

F: The only concern I have is about whether you can produce as much as I want to order or not.

O: We can ship up to 4000 filters at once and it comes here in a week. Is this suitable for your business model?

F: Sounds enough, let’s see how this works out and I will call you in a few days for the order.

O: I am glad you are satisfied. I am assuming that Mr. Şahin will also be pleased once he hears about this.

F: I hope so… So what now? Do you have time for a lunch?

O: Actually, I was going to ask the same thing. How about having some fish near the Bosphorus?

F: So you are not only good at doing business, you also sound like a gourmet…

(They leave with a cheery mood…)


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