What does the Italian market demand?

REUTERS/Jonathan Alcorn

After analyzing the characteristics that Starbucks wants their consumers to view them as having, the next issue is to see whether they are shared by the Italian consumers. In order to ascertain that, we interviewed 40 people actually living in Italy and questioned them on two main points. First of all, they rated each association in order to align with their personal tastes, to what they look for when they enter in a café. The question asked was, “for each of the 7 points developed above, how important is each particular aspect to you (from 1 to 10)?”. Then, in order to understand how many and whether people were actually satisfied by Starbucks, we asked them to rate, again, for each of the 7 points, “how much are they actually satisfied by the service provided by the American company”. The objective was to find out the discrepancies between what consumers want and what Starbucks offers them; in other words, see if gaps exist to understand where Starbucks should invest in.

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