July/August 2019

THE REAL WINNERS – The conformation of the new European Parliament. Euro-scepticism (25%) hasn't won out: over 200 million European citizens took part in the vote delivering more power and voice to the new Green and Liberal parties. 

ITALY - How long will the unbalanced yellow-green majority last? Salvini's League and the Grillo/Di Maio 5 Star Movement have been at each other's throats for weeks but neither seems to have a real interest in pulling the plug. The legislation could go the distance but not necessarily with the same personnel in charge. 

DOSSIER – The 'mysteries' behind the Saudi dynasty: an unresolved schism dating way back between the western 'brotherhoods' and Islamic fundamentalism. 


FRONT PAGE - Fifteen years of Eastwest


by Mana Neyestani

The real winners

by Giuseppe Scognamiglio


The Green Wave

by Lorenzo Monfregola

Constructive Consent

by Paola Peduzzi

Political upheavals

by Beda Romano

Five crucial years

by Gerardo Pelosi


POLITICS - Who will pull the plug?

by Gerardo Fortuna

ECONOMY - The myth of the Flat Tax

by Roberta Carlini



The Saudi’s incoregible behaviour

by Eugenio Dacrema

The Middle Eastern board game

by Tommaso Canetta

BOOKS - Wahhabism and Political Islam

by Valentina Rita Scotti

ART - Art celebrates change

by Guido Talarico

Washington-Riyadh: a dangerous

by Paolo Mastrolilli

The “Deal of the Century”

by Nello Del Gatto

Turkey-Qatar: the reasons behind
an alliance

by Luigi Carlo Schiavone