ANGELA, THE END – The helmswoman of Europe and of the status quo is preparing her succession, that will influence both German and European affairs: new energy and new driving forces are needed to relaunch both Germany and the European Union.

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW – David Sassoli explains how the European Parliament, which he has presided over since July, must and can become the home of Europe's citizens and the seat of its democracy. “No home is built by decree, it has to be a political choice.”

DOSSIER – Post-Erdogan Turkey is taking shape. Anyone who loses out in Istanbul, loses Turkey, paraphrasing the Turkish President who was defeated last July in Istanbul for the second time.

ITALIA – The League's skew whiff leadership: an analysis of the intricate relationship between Matteo Salvini's League and the European Union.


FRONT PAGE - An Italian comedy

by Giuseppe Scognamiglio

No comment

by Mana Neyestani

EASTWEST - Angela, the end

by Giuseppe Scognamiglio


Preparing the succession

by Lorenzo Monfregola

A drawn out status quo

by Danilo Taino

Dark clouds forming east of Berlin

by Alessandro Marrone

Desperately seeking a reliable left

by Paolo Emilio Petrillo


POLITICS -  The League's skew whiff leadership

by Gerardo Fortuna

ECONOMY - VAT and the "white knight"

by Roberta Carlini


by Elena Marisol Brandolini


Turkey moving ahead - Portfolio

Sultan Erdogan's time is slipping away

by Valeria Giannotta

BOOKS - How Turkish politics is changing

by Valentina Rita Scotti

ART - Kezban's imaginary women

by Guido Talarico

The old and the new in the CHP

by Luigi Carlo Schiavone

Rise and fall of the AKP

by Valentina Rita Scotti

Dangerous alliances and brotheroods

by Alberto Negri

The "Chinese Turks"

by Altay Atlı