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East 61
Wars in Europe
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Europe as an Idea and Europe as a Fortress: how to avoid the clash and the irresponsible populismsthat are fuelling it. Javier Solana and Aleksander Kwasniewski say Europe must regenerate its democratic process if it wants to avoid a dangerous regression. While the much feared migrant invasion, according to the numbers, is nowhere to be seen.
The United Kingdom could be playing with fire by endangering its relationship with the European Union to solve its own internal political problems.
The Vatican is playing its cards on the international diplomatic circuit while Italian politics is an ongoing experiment that deserves attention.
People are wondering if after the Yalta accords a new form of Holy Alliance might help re-establish international stability and security, but in the meantime the authoritarian tendencies in Turkey and the Balkans are meeting strong opposition and the European Council for Nuclear Research (CERN) is back in business.
The first chapter of Middle Eastern Prospects, the Middle Eastern ‘families’ seen from within: they’re all meeting up in Yemen.
The Myanmar government knows how to win diplomatic battles but isn’t too smart at building peace within its own borders.
Corruption is on the rise in Mexico, along with democracy… the 2015 elections have been among the most violent in the country’s history.
“Stepping on the tiger’s tail’ says one wise pieceof advice in the Chinese Book of Changes.  It suits situations that involve major changes whose outcome is expected to be favourable but require caution and wariness, attention to detail and the readiness to let the forces involved develop without undue haste. The new Silk Road and how fresh ways of interacting with China are now developing. 

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