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Eastwest 63
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From the 2nd of January at newsagents, bookshops and in digital format the new eastwest!


‘Fearless’, dialogue and growthversus panic and terrorism, these are the recipes of Pope Francis’ Jubilee of Mercy and Mario Draghi’s quantitative easing.

Many paths lead to Europe in this upcoming New Year. Not only its management and intelligence communitybut the whole of Europe’s civic society is going to be put to the test, seeing as it has greater power and responsibility than it imagines.


Integration also has its roots in History, through the acknowledgement of the different identities and their needs, which can be at odds. Western and Eastern Europe, now united yet so different, Cities and Suburbs, so close yet so distant, this is where the hard task of integration must begin and include the new arrivals, hailing from other cultures and contexts, butin all cases the formula can’t be all that different.

Can macro-economics and the free market provide the kind of regulatory machinery required to stem the centripetal disintegration promoted by vested interests?


Anyone wishing to fuel their global aspirations hopes to get their hands on theAfrican treasure: Putin’s Russia is hot on the trail.

Al-Sisiwould be prepared to cut a deal but Egypt seems to be slipping through his fingers.

Being Taiwan is by no means simple… in January they cast their ballots, with China looking on…

While in Colombia they’re still having to deal with anti-personnel mines, corruption and vested interests  arethe worst enemies of emerging nations Chile and Indonesia.


The Syria there once was… when regional détente was still in place. Now there’s a pressing need fora new order in the Middle East. The Syrians will clearly have to decide their own fate, but it’s still non sei clear who will “oversee” this process, now that the United States have downsized their presence and involvement in the area.

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