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Where is flight MH 370 now?


A US Technology Company which had 20 senior staff on board the Malaysian Airlines Flight MH 370, had launched a new electronic warfare software application for military radar systems, 5 days prior to the disappearance of the Boeing 777 into oblivion.



It sounds like an Agatha Christie thriller.
A 272 ton Boeing 777, one of aviation’s most trustworthy airplanes, takes off from Kuala Lumpur  International Airport, destination Beijing and vanishes less than an hour later into thin air.
Having fallen of all air traffic radar screens, it triggers a massive search involving 26 countries, all with the latest state of the art flight surveillance technology.
Days go by without any trace of the aircraft, while Big Brother says that he looks high and low and apparently finds nothing!
The world lost contact with Malaysian Airlines flight MH 370 early on March 8th 2014, somewhere in the sky between Malaysia and Vietnam.
Was the plane hijacked? And if so where are the passengers?
Or had it crashed into the sea, as some experts maintained at first?
But if that were the case, where is the debris?
Millions of people around the world, waiting for updates, were left wondering:
How can a 64-meter-long airplane, with 239 passengers on board, vanish from the sky without a trace, in the 21st Century?
Several days after the plane disappeared Malaysia’s Prime Minister was quoted as saying that “the disappearance was no accident” but the result of  “deliberate action, taken by someone onboard the plane”.
Less than an hour after take-off, someone deliberately switched off the plane’s two main modes of contact with the outside world: The ACARS (the Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System) and the Transponder, that sends the plane’s unique signature to ground control.
According to statements made by the Malaysian Authorities, the aircrafts co-Pilot 27 year old Fariq Abdul Hamid uttered the last known words from the cockpit to air-traffic ground control, which were “OK good night”.
Here possibly lies the answer. Indeed this was a very unusual message, possibly containing a coded destination (?).
Supposedly ten minutes later, it was reported that MH 370 had made a 90 degree turn to the left to fly over Sumatra into oblivion.
Or was it oblivion?
Did the plane actually turn left?
All the efforts made during the following days trying to guess where the plane ended up, ignore one simple fact. The all-seeing GPS!
The various attempts made, supposedly, by INMARSAT, the ship locating eye-in-the-sky, as well as others, pinned the wreckage of MH 370 in the Southern Indian Ocean. This has so far proved to be a fool’s errand.
Did not the GPS operators know where MH370 eventually landed?
Google relying on the US Defense Department’s twenty or so Satellites, circling the earth, can locate a static or a moving object on the ground – and on the water – to within ten meters. Surely they must know where MH370 is hiding or being hidden.
Would they inform the world where this is if that location is sinister?

The GPS works until the US Defense Department turns it off. 

MH370 had many GPS devices on board, as every mobile phone whether live or shut off is a tell-tale GPS locator.
It is possible to switch off a plane’s Transponder during taxying, in order not to interfere with the airport’s radar system, but not a mobile phone’s GPS signature.
The focus on possible human intervention in the cockpit spawned speculation as to who might be behind a possible high-jacking. Another hypothesis is that the plane flew – on purpose – in the wake of another plane, to avoid detection.
Many of the passengers were from China’s emerging Middle-Class and of these were 20 that aroused a flurry of interest.
Who are these 20 VIP passengers?
They are senior staff from the US Technology Company Freescale RF, based in Austin, Texas.
These Engineers had just launched a new military warfare radar system software, a few days before boarding MH370.
Why were these 20 Freescale employees traveling together?
What were their real jobs?
Were they on some mission?
Could they have been the cause for which MH370 was high-jacked?
Did they possess valuable information?
Were they carrying secrets in their luggage?
Were these 20 who were working at Freescale’s chip facilities in Tianjin China and Kuala Lumpur, in possession of some new technology?
Was this knowledge needed badly by another Nation in the region?
According to Mitch Haws, a Company spokesman, when interviewed was quoted as saying that:
“These people are very important to us, with a lot of experience and Technical background. They are a great loss to the Company”.
The fact that so many of Freemantle’s highly qualified staff were all traveling together, prompted many theories of what might have happened.
The Company maintains that the 20 were on their way to Beijing to foster the Company’s products, but the Company’s new links to Electronic Warfare Technology, is likely to create more speculation that deepens even more the mystery of the whereabouts of MH370!
Experts have been taken by surprise; how a large passenger jet could have possibly managed to fly supposedly ‘undetected’, eluding (?) many military radar systems in the air.
Is this really possible?
Avoiding radar via ‘Cloaking Technology’ has been one of the main objectives of the US Defense Industry and Freescale have been very active lately in this domain, developing software for military radar systems.
But can you ‘Cloak Technically’ a bunch of GPS enabled Smart Phones flying in the sky?
Last June the Company announced that it was creating a team of specialists, dedicated to making such software products for the Defense Industry.
On March 3rd 2014, just 5 days before the disappearance of MH370, the Freescale announced that eleven pieces of software, for use in ‘High Frequency, VHF and low band UHF radar and radio communications.
Another coincidence is that four days after MH370 went missing a Patent was granted by the US Patent Office, to four of the employees of Freescale Semiconductor Inc. traveling on that flight. A fifth shareholder of the Patent rights was none other than Freescale Semiconductor Inc.!
Normally the survivors of an accident would share the Patent Rights of any group member that perished. In this case Freemantle Semiconductor Inc. is the only surviving Patent holder!
Many other rumours went for begging at the time, such as lost or counterfeit Passports and unidentified passengers – were they all part of the propaganda that tried to distance the scent of the MH370’s disappearance from the truth of its whereabouts?
In spite of all the above, let us examine for a moment one very real detail, by listening carefully to what the young co-Pilot’s last words actually were: “OK GOOD NIGHT”.
Could the co-Pilot have included an ‘R’ in the lat word?
Was the last word made to ‘sound’ more like ‘NAIRT’?
Could he actually have said: ‘OK GOOD NIGHRT’, because if this were the case, he was actually announcing exactly where he was going!
Let the tapes be studied meticulously to ascertain every inflection, to perceive the slightest intonation of the letter ‘R’, because in that letter lies the answer to the mystery!
We must of course consider the relatives and friends of the 243 ‘lost souls’, who may themselves be basking in great luxury ‘somewhere’ – yet unable to inform us of their good fortune in still being alive, or their precise location, due to the total lack of their ability to communicate with the outside world.
Imagine the uproar, the chest-beating and the fist-tightening anger against the Powers That Be, for hiding or ‘not being able’,– to come clean and tell us, for world shattering reasons, where MH370 really is.
Think of the red faces in Australia, with Prime-Minister Abbott hiding under the table, after his almost convincing bravado postulations as to the location off Perth, of the wreckage of MH370.
But really! Who would dare to come clean, other than a member of the International Media, who does not succumb to outside pressure and is totally devoid of fear of possible repercussions, to divulge what he has obtained through his worldwide contacts?
It was my colleague LDVII who first gave me the possible anagram of “OK GOOD NIGHRT”, which hides the destination of MH 370.
Furthermore he has also confirmed to me from his reliable sources in the area,that the leader of the contry where Flight MH 370 is claimed to be languishing, has set out the conditions, ın order to sit down to talks with his neighbour, to iron out their differences as well as to deliver the ”phantom” plane.
The fee for such a meeting was reported recently in the Times of London newspaper to be:

a) A payment of USD.10 Billion, b) 400.000 tons of rice, c) 300.000. tons of fertilizer, d) 100.000 tons of wheat/corn and e) 2 million barrels of crude oil and crude oil products.

Take your time, try to decipher the code yourself where MH 370 was “GOING TO ….”, because I dare not divulge the rest of the enigma here, as it will not just cause a war of words, but perhaps a real war, possibly one even involving a mushroom!


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