Brexit Reality Portraits, a Young European Movement project

Within the BRP project, the Young European Movement UK shows the impact of Brexit to people across the UK and the European Union

The Young European Movement UK (YEM) is a Britain's leading pro-European youth organisation committed to promoting European values and culture across the UK. The team is composed by young people from 8 different countries.

They collaborate with the European Movement (EM) and JEF Europe. EM promotes the European project across the UK, JEF is an umbrella group for similar movements across Europe.

In the past months YEM has launched its project Brexit Reality Portraits (BRP), aiming to showcase the true impact of Brexit to people across the UK and the EU through video and interviews. The YEM team has presented 10 video portraits of ordinary UK and European citizens (Remainer, Leaver and neutral), showing how Brexit has affected them.

BRP is meant to show that pro-Europeans, Euro-indifferent and Eurosceptics can be part of the very same project.

You can find all the 10 portraits here.

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