The possible ends to the Afghan saga

2021 might see the end of the US' longest war. And the silence surrounding its peace process is in stark contrast to everything that happened after the events that started this conflict

Israel and a fate marked by uncertainty

In light of the elections, it is clear that the right-wing Likud of Netanyahu is the largest party and has more allies than the disparate rivals lined up against him

US-Mexico border: Biden under pressure

In the eyes of the Administration, the current issue at the US-Mexico border is dire. But the President’s own party is not squarely behind him

Nord Stream 2: the controversy between US, Germany and Russia

The project was severely criticised by US during the Trump's era. On the contrary, the new democratic Administration did not extend sanctions against its related companies

What does the Salmond inquiry mean for Scotland?

The Scottish National Party is besieged by a political scandal which concerned former Party leader Alex Salmond: how could this undermine Scotland’s independence?

Myanmar: between civil disobedience and military coup

The situation in Myanmar is now near catastrophe. In its fifth week of bloodshed, the Military Regime is unable to calm the protests and the message from China seems like a pass to use force

WHO: healthcare is a geopolitical issue

Both emergency management and vaccine production are pretexts for national propaganda and recrimination. It is crucial that WHO recovers a primary role in healthcare

Covid: WHO’s next

The WHO is the only organization that will protect us from future pandemics, but its success will depend on the willingness of states to cooperate

Biden’s energy transition

With Biden, a new clean energy revolution has begun. His green package would accelerate the energy transition from fossil fuels to renewables, but not without some problems

A meaningful Conference on the Future of Europe

The arrival of the vaccine against the Covid-19 virus is potentially a great step toward a possible return to normality. But the future of EU is still dotted with great challenges