Istanbul Convention and EU’s accession: Why did It Take the EU 12 years to ratify?

The accession of the European Union to the Istanbul Convention promises a stronger fight for women against domestic violence. What were (and still are) the obstacles and reservations by its’ members?

Turkey’s Presidential Elections: What are the Results and What the Implications

The presidential elections have ended with a clear victory by long-standing Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The winner was able to achieve a total of 52.14% of votes, while Kilicdaroglu solely the 47.86%.

Turkey’s Presidential Elections: What is Happening and What is Next

The first round ended with a lead by Erdogan but no clear winner. A run-off between Erdogan and Kilicdaroglu will be held on the 28th of May. Who is expected to win and what is the role of Ogan?

Attack on Kremlin: Who Is Behind It

What happened in Moscow the morning of May 3, 2023? Who is behind the drones’ attack and what are the consequences. Little is still certain about the accident. However, the repercussions could be significant

Sudan’s three days ceasefire: details and reasons of the truce

The African state of Sudan has been the theatre of a civil conflict since the 15th of April 2021. Having the living conditions in the country worsened significantly due to the outbreak of the war, foreign states have decided to intervene in order to facilitate negotiations and save their citizens.

UK – Sunak’s Five-Point Plan To Halt Illegal Immigrants

The country plans to house asylum seekers in ex-military bases to stop illegal immigrants from entering the country.

France: Why Has Pension Reform Caused Such Marked Uprisals

French cities have been the stage of diffused protests and disorder since the beginning of 2023. Why is Macron insisting despite the clear opposition?

“Aid diplomacy”: the geopolitics underlying the Syrian and Turkish earthquakes

In contrast with the rapid and diligent collective response, the UN Security Council appears stuck in passing a resolution for the provision of aid, proving that, even in the face of the disaster, geopolitics still pull the reins of every great international decision.

Kosovo’s independence and Serbia: a fragile equilibrium

At the end of 2022, tensions between Kosovo and Serbia started sparking up again, as the Serbian president, Aleksander Vucic, deployed troops on the border with Kosovo, claiming they were prepared to fight. 

The Chinese Dream: Is It Still Alive?

The pandemic and the Zero Covid policy have exacerbated issues that had already emerged. Xi Jinping is facing the first internal protests since Tiananmen. The social contract between the CCP and the citizens needs rethinking.


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