8 January 2021

Will the EU learn from its mistakes?

The European Union has to establish cooperation and solidarity beyond economic issues, in order to overcome the Covid-19 pandemic. Will the EU Member States unite towards a common goal?
Anca Matei, Bekhruz Egamov, Kristína Kráľovská, Wilhelm Schulz
5 January 2021

Covid: the EU battle for grants and loans

The Covid crisis united Europe around the Recovery Fund and hopefully will trigger the necessary reforms in the Member States for a brighter future
Angel Trenev, Arianna Concoreggi, Giulia Del Barba, Wendy Garcia Gonzales
29 December 2020

The struggles of EU in the fight against Covid

What kind of Europe do we want in our present and future, and what values do we want to pursue? The fight against the Covid pandemic has put all of us to the test
Maria Victoria de Lucas, Philip Smith, Jasir Khalil, Maja Milatovič, Joanna Gralak
22 December 2020

Post Covid recovery plan: rethinking EU as a value-based community

From a Coal and Steel Community to a common currency: is Europe going to consolidate a common set of values as well?
Pietro Antonio La Vena, Giulia Mehitabel Holler, Vitalii Mykhalchuk, Marta Caixinhas
17 December 2020

Covid-19 and European recovery: what to expect?

While implementing anti-Covid measures, EU Member States were dragged into severe recession and ideological conflicts. A political dialogue within a divided Union is needed
Armstrong Andrew, Colantoni Alice, Durante Davide, Lundbergh Tyra, Mouchard Thomas, Zeljkovic Emina
15 December 2020

EU, Covid-19: striding towards a European future

How has the Covid pandemic affected the EU as a Union of States that share history and common values?
Alice Fontanelli, Nasos Smyrnaios, Shaima Chachai
11 December 2020

Covid-19: Europe’s precarious path

Covid-19: will the EU leadership conjure the necessary political courage to persevere in overcoming recurring deadlocks?
Albares Adriana, Kaspar Felicia, Lombaerts Cédric, Luoma Ben, Stańczyk Mateusz
2 December 2020

Covid-19: the direction of the EU after the crisis

Covid-19: EU stands powerless before the governments of member states to block internal commercial byways. What will the direction of the Union be?
Marta Kakol, Sophie Prantil, Paul Cellier-Clarke, Susanne de Jong, Filomena Iovino
25 November 2020

Covid-19: can Europe exist beyond its economic ties?

The Covid-19 crisis has emphasised weaknesses in the EU decision-making process. We analyse the deadlocks in the post-Covid recovery process
Agata Bidas, Alexandra Jesus Oliveira Lopes, Anna Veispak, Camilla Vianini, EliseLloyd