The European Union continues the fight against climate change

The European Commission approved a new package of investments and legislative proposals for a 55% reduction in emissions by 2030, known as "Fit for 55". But what does it actually consist of?

Lebanon: one year after Beirut port blast

France's President Emmanuel Macron's diplomatic attempts have been unsuccessful sofar and Lebanon is facing a crisis that seems to have no end.

Tunisia’s Political Turmoil: Announced a 30-day Suspension of the Parliament

Complex geopolitical dynamics behind the institutional crisis. What is going on in Tunisia is much more the result of geopolitical balances in the region than a circumscribed institutional confrontation.

South Africa at a Breaking Point: Are remnants of apartheid still present?

South Africa has the highest Gini coefficient in the world (Macro-economic measure for inequality), making it the most unequal country in the planet.

EU Migration Policies in times of Covid-19

Towards a strengthened EU-coordinated approach on migration and asylum.

The Visegrad Group after the last summit in June

During the last V4 Summit under Polish presidency, the Prime Ministers of Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia discussed current achievements and new priorities for the future of the Visegrad Group

Bosnia and Herzegovina: a country with no future

The future of Bosnia and Herzegovina looks bleak: poor economy, high emigration rates of the young and educated population, unemployment, poverty and corruption

Italy and its green strategy: opportunities and difficulties

With the Green New Deal, Italy will be able to derive some economic benefits from the pandemic. But how does it propose to achieve “climate neutrality”?

Crimean Tatars: exposing human rights violations behind Covid-19 pandemic

After seven years since incorporation into the Russian Federation, not only has the humanitarian situation in Crimea shown no sign of recovery, but the outbreak of Covid-19 has also opened the doors to new scenarios of human rights violations

Elections in Iran: a new president and many tensions

The elections held last June 18 in Iran crowned Ebrahim Raisi, a right-wing ultraconservative. What are the domestic repercussions and impact on international relations with the United States and Israel?