The growing relationship between China and the developing world is creating a parallel globalisation animated by those countries that are not included in the western-led one


If the best are shot down…

Hungarian elections: are the tides turning?


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It’s time to talk: Xi Jinping invites European leaders in China

China has officially sent invitations to prominent European leaders. The South China Morning Post confirms the source and recalls; however, that invitations still have to be accepted by them, making the following even more intriguing and appealing

China mourns Shinzo Abe’s death, but nationalists don’t forget

The fragmented reaction of China best represents the sentiment between the appreciation for a great statesman who has always tried to heal relationships with old neighbours and the hatred for an invading country that has committed war crimes

The power of the media: the focus and credibility of information in today’s world

The media, the hidden ruler of our lives and perceptions, takes us this time from the dark pandemic rooms of 2020 to the brutal war of 2022. But, what's going on in the world apart from these two?

Turkey lifts veto on Finland and Sweden’s accession to NATO

For weeks Turkey and Greece have been veto holders for Finnish and Swedish accession to NATO. Now Ankara has lifted its veto, putting an end to long disputes

Guangzhou: the developing model of the emerging countries’ global cities

The growing relationship between China and the developing world is creating a parallel globalis...

Why Biden's trip to the Middle East has failed

Joe Biden's first presidential trip to the Middle East did not bring the hoped-for outcomes, at...

Energy independence and the “pipeline of democracies”

EastMed gas pipeline is not solely a piece of infrastructure. It is a physical link between the...

Blockade of Ukraine's ports and the possible food crisis

With the war in Ukraine, most ports have been closed, seriously affecting exports. Millions of ...



Eastwest European Institute organizes all year round courses and in-depth seminars in international scenarios, online and face to face, for university students and recent graduates, as well as for junior managers.

Corso di Giornalismo Geopolitico - Sesta Edizione estate 2022

Scopri come funziona una testata di Geopolitica cartacea e online con 10 webinar in diretta due volte a settimana e on-demand sulla nostra piattaforma di e-learning. Ogni Workshop può essere frequentato singolarmente.  

Laboratorio di scrittura - Sesta Edizione

Il workshop affronta le seguenti tematiche: Parte I - Come si imposta e si propone un articolo. Parte II - Come si scrive un articolo.    

Laboratorio su SEO e scrittura online

Il workshop affronta le seguenti tematiche: Parte I - Cosa è la Search Engine Optimization. Parte II - Come scrivere anche per i motori di ricerca

Workshop di Geopolitica: Il futuro del mondo si scrive in Asia

Parte I – Parte II Giuseppe Cucchi, membro del comitato scientifico di eastwest, è stato rappresentante militare italiano presso la Ue e Direttore del Dipartimento delle informazioni per la sicurezza.

Workshop di geopolitica: Una seconda vita per la NATO

Parte I – Parte II Lorenzo Lamperti, giornalista, gestisce la sezione esteri di Affaritaliani, collabora con China Files e Ispi su temi legati a Cina e Asia.

US foreign policy guidelines in the Biden era

EWEI Chairman Giuseppe Scognamiglio addresses to Associazione Diplomatici’s students   The inauguration ceremony of the 46th President, held in Washington on January 20th, marked the beginning...

Neoliberalism and the age of globalization

of Mana Neyestani